Green Goddess Power Wand
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    Our beautiful Green Goddess Power Wand is a celebration of Flora. Flowers and leaves adorn Her while leaves wrap it’s delicate shaft. Working with this wand will help to expand your consciousness of the environment around you and of your place in it.

    Flora is the Roman goddess of flowers, spring, and tame nature. She is often depicted happy and garlanded with flowers. She is Mother Nature in Her maiden aspect. While Spring is Her season, she also has elements of a love Goddess, with attendant attributes of fertility, sex and blossoming.

    Measure 8 inches long and is made of fine 100% Lead-Free Pewter, for beauty, strength and conductivity.
    Made in the U.S. in Abby's Studio.

    This Wand comes from the "Power Wand" Collection of Abby Willowroot. These elegant and simple Power Wands shimmer with energy. Each one is cleansed and blessed as part of its creation. They are beautifully crafted in lead free pewter. The point on each Wand is a fine quality Austrian Crystal point.