Maroma Soap

Maroma's Soap For Men (women like them too!)

Natural blends of botanical oils and extracts have produced these profoundly pure soaps formulated especially for men. All three are triple milled for long lasting, smooth application of pure self-indulgent cleansing. Whichever fragrance he chooses, his skin will be richly nourished and softly exude subtle hints of our manly aromatics for the remainder of the day or night.

Cedar Lavender - relaxing - this deeply refreshing soap combines two classic essential oils Himalayan Cedarwood (Cedrus deodora) and Lavender (Lavanda augustifolia) into a blend of pure natural extracts. The result is a deeply nourishing and protective lather that gently softens the skin leaving it moisturized and quietly aromatic.

Olibanum Citrus - revitalizing & exfoliating - this mildly exfoliating soap is made with a blend of natural essential oils and extracts that promote deeply cleansed yet youthfully moisturized skin. Employ this aromatic rush of Citrus and Olibanum (Boswellia carteri) (with added walnut shell powder) as a revitalizing tonic to begin or end the day.

Tonka Vetiver - invigorating - this profoundly soothing soap is made with a blend of natural essential oils and extracts including Vetiver (Vetiveria zizanoides). Regular use results in smooth, moisturized and healthly feeling skin. The fresh natural scent is light, masculine and very appealing.