Resin Incense

These resin incenses are wonderful. Burn them on an incense charcoal and they will fill the room with a heady amazing fragrance.

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Green Goddess Amber Resin Incense, Smells Divine!!
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This smells amazing! Green Goddess resin incense. This is an Amber base with Stryx, Benzion and fine herbs. This can be used as a solid perfume (test a small area first). You can also burn it over charcoal. Most of the time it get mixed into other resin or other herb blends. You can mix it into potpourri, a wax melt or in the bath. It can be used in candle making, soaps, or other perfumed products. 10gms $9.99Hand made in India, packaged at the Next Millennium ...

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Red Rain Charcoal Burning Natural Resin Incense.