November Readers and Classes

All Readings are $25 for 15 minutes unless specified

Saturday, November 2nd—Wiccan Samhain Ritual with Pagans of Nebraska. NOON—1:00 FREE TO ATTEND!

Saturday, November 2nd—Nordic Samhain Ritual with Pagans of Nebraska. 4:00—5:00 FREE TO ATTEND!

Saturday, November 2nd—Clairvoyant Readings with Valerie NOON—5:00

Saturday, November 2nd—Intro to Palmistry Class with Paula Ramsey 2:00—3:30 $25

Sundays, November 3rd, 10th, 17th & 24th—Spiral ScoutsMeeting with Nature’s Dragon Circle 2:00—4:00 Kids 3-18

Sunday, November 3rd—Dreanna—Tarot Readings NOON—5:00

Monday, November 4th—Wayne Brekke—Rune Readings 3:00—7:00

Tuesday, November 5th—Paula Ramsey—Psychic Medium Readings 3:00—7:00

Wednesday, November 6th—PaPa Newt—Bone or Tarot Readings 3:00—7:00

Friday, November 8th—Tasha—Intuitive Oracle Readings 3:00—7:00

Saturday, November 9th—Aura Photography with Mystic Colors 11:00—4:30 $30

Saturday, November 9th—Dreanna—Tarot Readings NOON—5:00

Sunday, November 10th—Mary Davis—Angel Readings NOON—5:00

Tuesday, November 12th—Melody—Tarot Readings 3:00—7:00

Wednesday, November 13th—Reiki or Hannah Kroger Technique with Saundra Swan 3:00—7:00 $25 for 15 minutes.

Thursday, November 14th—Paula Cellars—Clairvoyant Readings, Angel and Spirit Guide Readings on request  3:00—7:00

Friday, November 15th—Dreanna—Tarot Readings 3:00—7:00

Saturday, November 16th—Spiritual Energy Clearing with Crystal. NOON—5:00 $25 for 20 minutes.

Saturday, November 16th—Tasha—Intuitive Oracle Readings NOON—5:00

Sunday, November 17th—Melody—Tarot Readings NOON—5:00

Monday, November 18th—Angie Montgomery—Psychic Medium Readings 4:00—7:00

Tuesday, November 19th—Dana Camp—Intuitive Numerology Readings 3:00—7:00

Wednesday, November 20th—PaPa Newt—Bone or Tarot Readings 3:00—7:00

Friday, November 22nd—Kristi Pederson—Psychic Medium Readings 3:00—7:00

Saturday, November 23rd—Theresa Falk—Psychic MediumReadings Noon—5:00

Sunday, November 24th—Aura Photography with Mystic Colors 12:30—4:30 $30

Sunday, November 24th—Ann Marie—Tarot Readings Noon—5:00

Monday, November 25th—Mary Davis—Angel Readings 3:00—7:00

Tuesday, November 26th—Paula Ramsey—Psychic Medium Readings 3:00—7:00