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The Next Millennium is located in Omaha, Nebraska, and we have been in business for twenty terrific years. Our store is a family-owned business and we have had many of the same great employees for years.

The store started off as a few incense racks and a shelf with a few books out of a hypnosis office! Charlie, the store’s founder, was working as a hypnotherapist and got requests from clients for books and incense. He had a second room in his office and started to bring in various incenses, rocks, and books. Initially, he had this “store” open by request only, then grew to being open for twelve hours a week! Demand grew and soon this space was not large enough to handle the requests for more products and we looked for a storefront. About a year later, we expanded the storefront to double the size of to allow for a classroom to offer classes on crystals, Reiki, Wicca, herbs, astrology, past life regression and many other great topics. Five years later, we moved to our current location with 8500 square feet of store, warehouse, and classroom space.

We feel truly blessed that we are able to be a part of all this. We have the most amazing customers and love the books and products! We know there are many people that do not have easy access to a store so we want to be able to serve as a source for products and reference. Our employees are very knowledgeable and help answer questions and offer suggestions on books and other items. We want to make certain that everyone has access to spiritual items, so we keep the prices low and the quality high! If there is something you are looking for and do not see, chances are we have it or can get it for you! We have over thousands and thousands of items in our store, so just ask, we like special requests!

If you have any product questions on Wicca, rocks, spellwork, herbs, tarot, or any other metaphysical questions, please email, call or write. We look forward to hearing from you!

Phone:(402) 393-1121


Address:3141 North 93rd St.

Omaha, NE 68134

Temporary Store Hours:

Monday-Saturday 12-6 PM


Cindy and Charlie

Laura, The Nurturer.

We have been lucky enough to have Laura in the store for several years. Laura is our store manager and has a gentle soul. She loves to help people and will do whatever she can to help. She has a big Labrador Retriever named Brom and two kitties, Whisper and Wicc.

Laura is very well rounded but her specialty is herbs.

She loves to: read voraciously, cook, and run around like a crazy person after her Godchildren.

Her store picks are: Meditation Stick’s Sun Goddess Incense, herbs, and Oberon Zell’s Pan Statue.

Crystal, The Healer.

Crystal is a Reiki healer and has amazing energy. She is always available to answer questions with a smile in her sparkly blue eyes. Crystal updates our Social Media and website.

She loves to: Read about the Law of Attraction, Swim, and Hike. Crystal loves to laugh.

Her store picks are: Song of India Temple Incense and Perfume, Amethyst tumbled and polished stones, and Cinnamon Essential Oil.

Nathan, The Hoodoo Practitioner

Nathan is proficient with the Occult, Hoodoo, Folk Lore, Candle Magic and much, much more! If you have questions, he has answers.


More about Dee soon!


More about Chloe soon!