Tarot Readings, Numerology Readings, Aura Photography, Palm Readings, Healing Energy, Rocks and Crystals, Candles, Jewelry and much more! This is one of the oldest and largest metaphysical festivals in the Midwest! Free admission, Family friendly, All inclusive!

June  8th & 9th, 2024

Saturday 10:00 am - 6:00 pm

Sunday 11:00 am- 5:00 pm


Place: Mid-America Center 1 Arena Way. Council Bluffs, IA 51501

All claims in this brochure are those of the individual exhibitors. Nothing in this brochure should be accepted as medical or legal advice. Please consult with your medical doctor before starting any new treatment plan.

All claims in this brochure are those of the individual exhibitors. Nothing in this brochure should be accepted as medical or legal advice. Please consult with your medical doctor before starting any new treatment plan.

Table #

1 Readings With Tracy

Tracy Ronk

Elizabeth, CO

Tracy has been reading cards and working with crystals for more than 25 years. She is a certified hypnotherapist and Reiki Master/Teacher. She is also an Akashic Records Master and offers training and sessions! Readings $40 for 20 minutes.

2 J-Dunne Customs

Jessica Dunne

Omaha, NE

Jessica makes handmade purses and pouches with a “spookier” feeling to them. She is inspired by Gothic, spiritual, and darker influences, and crafts items utilizing different textures, fabrics, and patterns to create pieces that stand out from the ordinary!

3 DreAnna

Omaha, NE

DreAnna is an experienced and gifted intuitive. She is a world traveler, and currently works both nationally and internationally as a psychic and also as an artist. DreAnna will assist you with positive and practical guidance through tarot, bones, dreams, past lives, and your energy. Readings $25.

4 A Rock Tarot-Intuitive Readings by Kim

Kim Erwin

Omaha, NE

Kim is a reiki master, metaphysical minister, and rock tarot intuitive reader. She offers readings for $20 per session.

4 B Vibrant Range

Emmy Fortina-Neuman

Bennington, NE

Emmy is the heart of Vibrant Range! She started this venture in 2010 while visiting Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons. For over 3 decades her crafts have embodied four fortes: health care, animals/nature, teaching, and crating. Ascent the mind, body, spirit, and nature as you navigate by the stars of your soul…it’s a vibrant range! Aromatherapy sprays, animal amulets, plant boosters, windchimes, and dreamcatchers are available.

5 Awaken Chiropractic

Desiree Skiles

Omaha, NE

Awaken Chiropractic offers full neurologically-based chiropractic evaluations at discounted rates. Prices vary depending upon insurance coverage.

6 AndiLion Creations

Andi Porter

Omaha, NE

Andi Porter and Kate Seeley have a passion for healing through art. They believe EVERYONE can be creative! LGBTQ+, neuro-spicy, and inclusive! They offer original art, prints, sculptures, and home décor.

7 - 8 Crystal Singer

Greg & Annette Ford

Lincoln, NE

Crystal Singer offers a wide selection of crystals, minerals, stone animals, jewelry, moldavite, lazurite, tangerine and clear quartz, fluorite, fire calcite, spheres, stone skull carvings, jade, Libyan Desert glass, and much more!

9 Internal Whispers

Susanne Mollak

Omaha, NE

Susanne is an intuitive healer who uses a combination of Reiki, mediumship, hypnotherapy, and intuition. She partners with you to help you heal and bring renewed wellness and balance to your life. Mediumship or Card readings $40 for 20 minutes.

10-11 Edelweiss Spiritual Psychic Medium

Debbie Gaul-Rusch

Dow City, IA

Debbie is a natural-born psychic medium with more than 50 years of experience giving readings, and connecting clients with their loved ones. She also has jewelry, rock cairns, sage cleansing kits, smudge fans, feather fans, spirit sticks, candles, pendulums and a full line of Hello From Heaven products for sale. New line of hand-made greeting cards. Readings and mini past-life regressions priced at $20.

12-14 The Next Millennium Mystical Books and Gifts

3141 No 93rd St.

Omaha, NE

(402) 393-1121

Charlie and Cindy Odorizzi and crew bring you Treasures for the Soul. We offer a full selection of jewelry, books, candles, clothing, incense, statuary, herbs, oils, music, rocks and crystals! Open seven days a week! Stop by the store and say hi to Morty…the dog with the rainbow tail!!!

15 Rune Ways

Wayne Brekke


Wayne offers rune divination classes and clinics to help introduce rune reading into your practice. He is a reader at the Next Millennium! Rune readings and runes for sale. Make sure to have a look at his recently published rune book!

16 Papa Newt - Reader

Nathan Siedlyk


Papa  Newt will help you discover conjure possibilities. Whether you need a bone or tarot reading, a magical item created, or just some magical coaching, Papa Newt is here to help! $40 for 20 minutes or $25 for 10 minutes.

17 Readings with Maria

Maria Partida

Omaha, NE

Maria is a tarot reader and Reiki master. Her readings are $35.

18 Hamsa Sandra

Sandra Bilokonsky


Minister Sandra is a spiritual healer, counselor, key holder, and empathic medium. She is a key to helping others find their authentic self. She communicates with ancient ancestors. $30 for 20 minutes.

19 It’s Just Art

Jasmine Young


Jasmine is a custom abstract artist that includes healing in her art. Some of her work includes chakra-inspired Dutch Pour, resin work, and custom requests. She wants to help YOU find peace! Prices start at only $10!

20 Iowa River Apparel

Paul Stults

Marengo, IA

Paul sells rocks, fossils, and best of all rock and metaphysical apparel!

21 Spiritual; Healing Encouragement – SHE

Marlene Porter

Omaha, NE

Marlene is a Light Language Channel and brings forth light codes that are transmitted at the highest vibration of love. Light language can be signed, sung, spoken or written. Vibrational sound healing sessions are $20, She is also selling hand-crafted art!

22 House of Ori

Asia Auge


Asia has been reading tarot for more than 10 years, and also provides tips to witches on social media. Readings are priced at $20 for 30 minutes, or $35 for an hour.

23 Lauracle Compassionate Psychic Guidance

Laura Jones

Des Moines, IA

Laura has been opening doors to love, joy and gratitude for others since 1995. Laura is a clairaudient, clairvoyant, and claircognizant reader. Explore past lives, life purpose, career, love and so much more! Readings $35, tape included.

24 Ethereality

Kaiulani Ford

Ethereality is a Black-owned, family-owned business that promotes the power of crystals, jewelry, figurines, and other metaphysical items. Please stop by to see what they’re all about.

25 A Event Enterprises

Matthew S. Rotundo

Omaha, NE

Matthew is an award-winning author of science fiction, fantasy and horror books. The Prison World Revolt series (“Petra”, “Petra Released”, and “Petra Rising”), and his latest, “Wet Work”.

25 B Palmistry by Kathleen

Kathleen K. Darling

West Branch, IA

Kathleen has been readings hands for more than 40 years. Being a hand reader has gained her a deeper appreciation on the insights, motivations and vast variety of skills that others hold. With a short, 20-minute reading, Kathleen should be able to discover your school of thought, which is your approach to handling difficulties. You primary purpose in life. You primary life lesson. She can also, if time permits, discuss your lines of special interest!

26 Teresa's Guided Solutions

Teresa Schuelke-Harms

Omaha, NE

Teresa’s Guided Solutions offers a wide variety of essential oil roller blends, sugar scrubs, bath salts, shower melts, air fresheners, soaps, lotions, jewelry, lip balms, crystals, and other miscellaneous items!

27-28 Chimera’s Lair

James & Stephanie Horn

Omaha, NE

James loves to work with stones and has been fascinated by them since childhood! He creates handmade leather products, knives, wands in the Celtic tradition, as well as natural stone jewelry, pendulums, walking sticks, cloaks, and other products. Make sure to check out the chainmaille!

29 Driftwood Flannels

Belinda Kepler

Omaha, NE

Belinda sells rock and roll flannels! The icon is on the back side of the tops. This is her third year in this business, and she really enjoys it! She cannot wait to see you at the Mystic Fest!

30 Mystic Bri: The Unexplainable Explained

BriAnn Christensen

Omaha, NE

BriAnn has been seeing spirits and energy since she was in her car seat. At age 7, she experienced her first big event that made her family aware of her abilities when she “met” her long-dead uncle! Tarot reading $25, Mediumship guided tarot readings, $45. FREE healing hugs for all!

31 Creating Sparks, LLC

Jane Buresh

Omaha, NE

Jane is a certified self-belief coach helping others believe in themselves and connect with their intuitive guidance that leads them on their perfect path to their goals. Jane will offer oracle card decks for $38, creative workbooks for $5, an intuitive journal for self-belief for $29-67, 4 Houses of Intuition Book $13, affirmation cards $28, and affirmation artwork $25-45. She also offers private one-on-one coaching starting at $97. This private coaching will NOT be available during the Mystic Fest.

32 American Gypc

Rena Armendariz

Omaha, NE

American Gypc is a boho brand that is inspired by various cultures. Made from saris, quilt fabric, cotton block print, upcycled denim items such as jackets, jeans, and shorts. Prices start at only $15! They will also offer beaded jewelry made on a bead loom using a very special Gypc technique!

33 Jesus Cares Omaha

Reverend Angela Wolfe

Omaha, NE

Angela is a “Certified Healer”, and a Master Visionary ahead of her time. She will share with you the deal you made with the angels. I will lead you to the path you choose. Finally, you can quit looking for it. CDs $25. Readings $35

34 Lavender Dreams Co.

LaShae Ludi

Omaha, NE

Shae’s 100% soy-wax candles provide an outlet for her creativity and a feeling of peace and happiness to those burning them! Her repurposed glassware ensures each candle is eco-friendly. One-of-a-kind candles priced from $20-40. Also a curated collection of high vibe crystals, jewelry, and other mystic tools.

35-37 Ziggy’s West

JoAnna Zacarola

Auburn, NE

Ziggy’s West is a small, third-generation, family-owned business with a deep knowledge of blades and steel! In addition to ceremonial and beautiful decorative blades, they will be offering fantasy figurines such as dragons, mermaids fairies, and other bits and baubles. Don’t see what you want? Talk to the Blademaster to see what he can do for you!

38 Glowing with Spirit


Omaha, NE

Ana is a psychic, a medical intuitive, and an Angel and Oracle Card Reader who incorporates astrology, and numerology, into her readings. She is also a Usui Reiki Master. $30 for 30 minutes for one client, or $50 for 30 minutes for two people together.

39 The Echoes in Eternity

Joy Hooyboer

Omaha, NE

Joy is a Certified Angel Tarot Card reader, and Reiki Master. She has been reading tarot for thirty years. She also creates art from acrylic, oil, and watercolor paints. Her spirit guides surround her and channel through her during a reading. 30 minutes for $45.

40 Under The Mountain Apothecary

Doug and Sydney Montey

Bellevue, NE

Under the Mountain Apothecary is a small, family-owned business. They bring something often missing in today’s fast-paced world…joy and fun! They offer hand-crafted herbal remedies $4-8, tea blends $3 - 6, dried herbs, and related accessories priced from $2 - 40. Also 3-D printed toys from $5 – 75!

41 ZenSage Crystals

Maria and Izabel Bilello

Carter Lake, IA

ZenSage Crystals is a small, home-operated crystal business that offers live sales and local meetups. They offer beautiful jewelry, sage, tarot, gifts and more! Each product is selected with the intention of helping their customers to the utmost!

42 Ancient Holistic Healing

Daitina Brookins

Omaha, NE

Daitina is a reiki practitioner and card reader. In addition, she makes candles, oils, and bath salts to help everyone to realize their highest potential spiritually.

43 Choices School of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy

Chandra Petersen

Blair, NE

Chandra offers an innovative and integrative platform to meet the needs of hypnotists and hypnotherapists, as well as those who work in other healing modalities. She will be offering 35-minute VR Hypnosis sessions for $35 with a cash discount available!

44 Angels and Hawks

Jeff Gross

Omaha, NE

Jeff is an intuitive Angel Oracle Card reader, and a great guy! Stop by and allow him to help you. Oracle card readings are just $30 for 15 minutes.

45 Indigo and Ether LLC
Alicia Andry & Keith Bartu
Omaha, NE

Indigo and Ether was founded in 2022 with a focus on balanced, reiki-charged items. All items are hand-crafted and non-toxic. Scented candles $15, reiki-charged candles, wax melts $5, malas $45, lotions $15, soaps $5, face and body oils, and much more available! Made with the EXTRA care we all need!

46 Healing Is Possible
Joy Dugan
Ralston, NE

Joy is a Usui Holy Fire World Peace Reiki Master, Karuna Reiki Master, and Access Consciousness Bars practitioner who offers services for both people and animals. She offers a 30-minute healing session for $33.

47 Balancing Spirit
T.J. Richter
Omaha, NE

TJ is a massage therapist of 9+ years that loves to aid his fellow brothers and sisters in their journey in life. Tarot readings $25, Chair massage starts at only $15 for 10 minutes, and are an additional $5 for every additional 5 minutes.

48 Spear T Fossils
Brad Nielsen
Omaha, NE

Brad was a foreman for a fossil quarry in Western Wyoming and has been collecting fossils and crystals since he was only 5 years old! He sells fossils, crystals, and mineral specimens from all over the world including: Morocco, Brazil, Madagascar, Mexico, and a variety of other locations. Natural specimens and polished materials!

49 Unity of Omaha
Rev. Brenda Peters
Omaha, NE

Unity of Omaha is a spiritual place for all! Come join them for an uplifting celebration on Sunday at 10:30 a.m.

50 A Reiki by Saundra
Saundra Swan

Saundra is a minister of Hands on Healing, Reiki Master, registered nurse and is a Hannah Kroeger healer. $25 for 15 minutes.

50 B Henry Foundation/Uniquest
Omaha, NE

Uniquest is the education branch of the Henry Foundation. They offer engaging speakers, and programs on various subjects. Meetings at Unity Church on the first and third Monday of every month at 7:00 p.m.

51 A Candice Hartwig Hypnotherapy
Candice Hartwig
Leshara, NE

Subconscious whisperer, and your guide to rewiring the extraordinary machinery of your mind, one positive suggestion at a time. Hypnotherapy melded with mindfulness, visualization, and cognitive techniques facilitate profound change.

51 B Jackie’s Creations
Jackie Mandl
Akon, IA

Jackie sells ear candles.

52 Robert the Psychic
Robert Mahoney
Kansas City, MO

Robert’s readings have been described as “Enlightening”, “Energetic”, and if nothing else, “Entertaining!” Tarot or rune readings $20 or 2 for $30.

53 11:11 Connection
Catherine Schafer
Council Bluffs, IA

Catherine is a reiki master who has set out upon a rock creation adventure! She offers unique mini rock gardens $8 - 11, intention jars $11 - 13, and direction vases $11 - 33. All are handcrafted and reiki-infused.

54 Sirkles Studio
Anna ‘sirkles’ Drahos
Muscatine, IA

Anna and her friend Loren Sherman have been developing the sirkle script since 2011. During that time it has progressed to the point it has even appeared on Anna’s favorite TV show, Doctor Who! Sirkles Studio turns script into artwork! Cards $5, canvases $20 and up, keychains $7 and up, stickers, jewelry and magnets. They also offer stencil kits to create your own de signs! Custom transcriptions will be available on the spot during the Mystic Fest starting at only $5!

55 Enchanted Surprise
Jen Surprise
Omaha, NE

Jennifer is a local artist who enjoys one-of-kind, unique items. Crystal headbands $20-60, Ram Horn headbands $60, gemstone headbands $20, ear cuffs $16, and devil horn headbands $40. Unique goods to put a smile on your face!

56 Spiritual Energy Healing
Charles Adriano
Kansas City, KS

Charles has assisted clients in receiving the cleansing energy from our Creator since 1996. The only limitations to this energy are those we self-impose!

Energy work $60 for ½ hour and $30 every additional 15 minutes.

57 Whisper in my Ear.Net
Cindy Downing
Papillion, NE

Cindy is an animal communicator and medium. She can help determine the root causes of animal behavior simply by examining a picture. Help your four-legged loved one today. $45 for 15 minutes. Bring a picture that shows the animal’s eyes clearly.

58 The Witch and the Blacksmith
Tiffany & Scott
Council Bluffs, IA

The Witch and the Blacksmith is a husband and wife team that loves creating! They offer horror/witchy candles, beard care, oak-forged wands, and body care items. The Blacksmith crafts ritual scribes, hairpins, wands and so much more!! Prices vary.

59 Stronger Together-Fiercely Radiant Soul & Crystalline Currents
Janessa Finley & SammiJo Hruby
Firth, NE

Janessa and SJ combine all 6 of their holistic practices to eliminate pain, help you move forward, and deepen your relationship with yourself and others. Session to relieve ancestral trauma, anxiety, addiction or pain is $50.

60 Paparazzi
Diane Burkley
Omaha, NE

Paparazzi offers men’s and women’s jewelry priced starting at only $5! They also offer the signature line which sells for only $25. Stop by and check it out. Necklaces…rings…earrings…they have it all.

61 Myth Maille Designs
Makaila Dockweiler-Ross
Sidney, IA

Makaila started chainmailling in 2019. The great majority of her items are of her own design. She takes great pride in her work! Chainmaille dragons $2-350. Jewelry $5-55. Wearables and trinkets $10-85. Deck boxes $25. Dice $20-50.

62 Beads and Stones
Frann Mersnick
Pacific Junction, IA

Frann is a rockhound who was looking for a way to combine her love of stones into an art form. She discovered wire-weaving, wrapping, & many other ways to create unique pieces of wearable art! Stop by and check out this wide selection. Prices $15 and up.

63 Beatrix’s Apothecary
Harley Barber
Omaha, NE

Beatrix’s Apothecary was created to help with both spiritual and emotional care for your needs. From spells to rituals, deity work, and self-care, we’ve got you covered. Bath bombs, scrubs, body oil, teas, spell oils, and balms.

64 A Amare Global
Lori Brotherton
Denison, IA

Lori is a busy wife and a mom to 3 grown boys.Her family has overcome so many obstacles with Amare’s natural supplements. It just seems natural to share our passion. They offer all-natural supplements for physical performance, mental fitness, stress resilience, confidence, and financial wellness. Pure…potent…and proven to help you be the best version of you! NO DIRECT SALES.

64 B Reyna’s Beauty and Massage Spa
Reyna Willenborg
Omaha, NE

Reyna is a nurse and a massage therapist. She provides relaxing, deep-tissue, reductive, and microderm abrasion massages.

65-66 Wise Healings by Design
Janelle Spoto
Omaha, NE

Janelle is an intuitive crystal lover! She will be doing readings as well as selling her handmade items. Crystal ball, past life, or oracle readings are $30 for 25 minutes.

67 Designs by Jewel
Julia Kappenman
Lincoln, NE

Julia has a BFA from the University of Nebraska and has traveled the world! She has a studio in the Burkholder Project in the Hay Market area in Lincoln. Join Jewel for a class on painting, hat-making, cake decorating, or many other fun topics!

68 Illuminated Fate
Crystal Cabrera Goff & Jeffery Goff
Lincoln, NE

Crystal and Jeff have merged to create Illuminated Fate! Readings with either one start at $30 or get a 2-in-1 reading with Crystal and Jeff for only $50! Crystal tiaras ($40-60) and crystal jewelry ($15-30) are also offered.

69 Jamie Zunick
Kansas City, KS

Jamie has been an energy reader for more than 30 years, and has written 5 books which are currently available on Amazon. She focuses on healing and clarifying energy for an overall sense of well-being. Connect with your loved ones in spirit using tarot cards, runes, and pendulums. Readings are $20 for 20 minutes, or a special couple’s reading is priced at $30.

70 Hekatean Creations
Luna Anatolia
Omaha, NE

Hekatean Creations is a witch and Pagan-owned business founded by Luna Anatolia. She works very hard to craft altar decorations, soaps, oils, candles and more! Every product is very deliberately made with intent and care for your benefit! Stop by and check out this amazing selection of besoms, roller oils, body sprays, wands, staves, spell jars, and spell bags.

71 A FireLight Energy
Rev. Trease
Omaha, NE

Rev. Trease has combined a lifetime of gaining knowledge with training passed down to her since she was very young. Ancestry and intuitive readings $25 for 15 minutes. Chakra reading and balancing $30 for 15 minutes. She will also have hand-made dowsing rods, jewelry, runes, and chakra discs available for purchase.

71 B Leslie Wichman Tarot
Mount Dora, FL

Leslie has been doing readings and animal communication for 13 years. Readings are priced at only $30.

72 LeoSun Consulting
Ann Marie Krahulec
Omaha, NE

Searching for answers? Then do as so many others have done; try Leo-Sun consulting. Ann Marie offers angel, goddess, fairy and dragon tarot readings. $25 for 15 minutes. 25+ years of service! Five dollars from each reading will be donated to Youth Emergency services (YES).

73 Guided Awakenings
Anthony Nuss
Yankton, SD

Anthony has been a hypnotist for more than a decade. He specializes in quantum healing, and working directly with the higher self. Quantum Healings $60. Guided Trance $50

74 Randall Blackman Tarot

Randall is a tarot advisor, and has been on his journey since he was just a young man. He just somehow “knew” things, and received revelations from spirit. Remember…the cards tell the story, but YOU write the ending! $40 for 20 minutes.

75 A Divine Direction by Mia
Mia Hudson

Des Moines, IA

Mia is a seasoned Wicca practitioner with more than 48 years of experience. She has dedicated her life to bridging the gap between magical and practical. She will be offering Witch Stone readings using a Witch Bridal, stones, shaman cloth, and selected tarot cards. 25 minutes for $40. Also spell kits and spirit water will be available to purchase $10-30.

75 B Primordial Path Healing
AJ Appleby

AJ is a coach, healer, and psychic with more than a decade of experience, and offers a variety of trauma-informed services with a focus on LQBTQIA+, neuro-diversity and shadow work. Intuitive spirit guide readings $25 which includes a take-home drawing. Reiki/Energy healing $50 mini session.

76 Henna Gesserit Body Art & Body Work
Samantha McCullouch
Lincoln, NE

Samantha has been combining henna and intuitive touch for more than 15 years, and she travels the world to learn new techniques and traditions, and to share the magick of henna. Hand-drawn, 100% natural, temporary body art to provide the wearer with blessings of luck and protection. Designs last up to 2 weeks!

77 Eleven//Three
Doug and Brant Treadway
Omaha, NE

Eleven//Three is an LGBTQ+ owned business with a dream of a family! They offer soy candles, wax melts, room sprays, car diffusers, and soaps. Stop by and you will quickly discover why their products are proudly offered at the Next Millennium!

78 A Kathleen Intuitive Guidance
Kathleen Crannell

Kathleen is a life-long student and practitioner of the mystical arts. She provides insightful perspectives from one’s guides using tarot or channeled messages. In addition, she uses mediumship to connect to loved ones in spirit. Tarot $30 for 20 minutes. Mediumship or channeled messages $45 for 20 minutes.

78 B Soul Touched by Robin
Robin Eaton
Des Moines, IA

Robin has been in touch with Spirit for as long as she can remember, and has breached the visible and invisible for over 30 years. She will read your sacred destiny with the Stone oracle. This is both a reading, AND a healing! 30 minutes for only $60.

79 Illuminating Hearts
Astara Raven
Omaha, NE

Astara is a soul guide and intuitive channel – translating your soul wisdom and transmitting healing energy – lifting you to a new octave of love, abundance, and freedom! Astara offers short Heartifact Archaeology healing sessions exclusive to the festival. She will also be selling her book, “How the Stars Tell Time”, for $19.95. Heartifact Archaeology $89 for 30 minutes.

80 Mermaid Treasures
Kristin Nelson
La Vista, NE

Mermaid Treasures offers one-of-a-kind handmade jewelry using crystals, fossils, glass, antique beads, and sterling silver. Necklaces, bracelets, earrings, anklets, key chains and rings. From $5-25

81 - 82 Ute’s-Herbal-Witch Corner
UTE McLaughlin
Plattsmouth, NE

Ute was born in Germany and became a United States citizen in 2017. She is a Master Herbalist and most of the herbs she uses are grown on her farm in Plattsmouth. Everything is organic, and pesticide-free. Capsules, tinctures, creams, oils, pet meds, and other goods priced from $8-20.

83 Mystic Journals
Becky Boyer
Sioux City, IA

Becky is a busy mom of 4 and a wife who likes to design Mystical Junk Journals. These journals are uniquely crafted works of art, and made from recycled materials such as music sheets, cloth, and drawings. Mental health care in a creative way!

84 Artemis Tea and Botanical
Mosey Wurth
Omaha, NE

Artemis Tea and Botanicals is a local, woman-owned, loose-leaf apothecary tea provider. They specialize in ancient blends designed to weave traditional herbalism with progressive tea culture. Loose-leaf teas $20-25 per bag. Botanical candles, books, and gifts $10-40.

85 Panlora’s Labyrinth
Bellevue, NE

She creates art that is meant to speak to your spiritual and fantastical self. The art is meant to be fun, whimsical, and spiritually aligned with nature-based religions. Prices range from $3 to $200.

86 Eula Mae’s Little Girl
Reverend Goodson
Bellevue, NE

T. J.’s grandmother trained her, and she has also earned numerous degrees in Alternative Medicine. She feels healing always starts from within! Readings are $5 for 5-10 minutes. She also offers various retail products such as dragon items, resin candle holders, ginger jars, herbal mixes, and much, much more! Enjoy the Mystic Fest!

87 Wandering in Fields
Lindsay & Jack Fields
Omaha, NE

Wandering in Fields is a mother and son team that crafts hand-made crystal tipped wands, quartz tiaras, crystal grids, pendulum jars, lanyards, ghost bottles, décor signs, coasters and much more!

88 Body Balance Techniques
Lori Mehser
Lincoln, NE

Lori is a Holy Fire III Reiki master and certified in vibrational sound therapies. She uses natural healing modalities to assist your body to restore balance, promote release, and help build a sense of well-being. 30 minutes for $40

89 The Character of the Sole
Margaret Ritter
Omaha, NE

Margaret was a massage therapist for more than 15 years while living in Phoenix, Arizona. She loves reflexology, and discovered toe reading! It just made so much sense, and she knew she must share her gift! She will be offering toe readings for $40 for 20 minutes. This is the first time this craft has been offered at the Mystic Fest in our 30-plus-year history. Stop by and check out this unique process!

90 Crystal Gems Omaha
Omaha, NE

PJay is a single, Black, Omaha-born and raised female, and a Next Millennium employee! She makes and sells reiki-charged products such as Herbal Bath Teas, Herbal Foot Soaks, boxes, candles, jewelry, intention oils and bracelets.

91 Time On My Hands: Crafts and Services
Ciera Mosley

Ciera is North Omaha born and raised! Time On My Hands is your one-stop shop for a wide variety of customizable, handmade crafts, gifts, games and clothes. They also offer custom business marketing materials, and stickers. Stop by and say hi!

92 Ruach Vibrations
Bobbie & Hillary Bylsma
Alton, IA

Ruach Vibrations offers crystals, stones and specimens from all over the world. Some in natural form, and some that have been shaped and polished. Priced from $2-500. Please join them at their booth.

93 Mindful Treasures
Shannon Kinsey
Omaha, NE

Shannon has been active in the metaphysical community for more than 10 years. She will be offering Aura photography with a 7-page report included for $40, or 14 pages for $60. Sessions last from 15 to 25 minutes.

94-96 Awakenings
Eric Abts & Kelli Miller-Abts
Omaha, NE

Awakenings is a “New Age” gift shop whose mission is to provide a positive energy space and an array of products and tools designed to enhance your personal growth and spiritual journey. Various new-age products such as jewelry, crystals, books, incense, sage, and divination tools are available.

97 Intuitive Revelations
Theresa Falk
Omaha, NE

Theresa is a psychic medium with a specialty as a pet psychic! She is the oldest sibling in a psychic family, and she loves to share her God-given gifts. She has hosted Positive Momentums Spirit Works and talked with many local practitioners. Mediumship readings, pet psychic readings, Emotional Intelligence charts, and Soul Awakening Guidance Readings are $50 for 20 minutes.

98 Spiritual Grace & Guidance
Angela Trask
Omaha, NE

Angela will be offering angel/tarot card readings in combination with a pendulum. She will help you with information from your current life path, as well as guidance from spirit guides, guardian angels, and the universe to guide you on your journey. $60 for 4*0 minutes.

99 Dennis “Doc” Cromwell – Reader
Kansas City, KS

Doc is a third-generation psychic. Intuitive as a child, he was always aware of angels and guides. Now his readings focus on past life information, soul lessons, and dharma directions. Past life readings, oracle card, or psychic readings are $40 for 15 minutes.

100 3 Cats Jewelry Design
Caitlin Triplett
Lincoln, NE

While growing up, Caitlin was introduced to fiber arts such as knitting and weaving. Later, she branched out to bobbin lace and tatting. After breaking her neck in a diving accident in 2020, she spent her recovery time making jewelry. Remember…there is light and hope present in the universe. Earrings $5-100, Necklaces $15-250, Bracelets $10-40, Tea Infusers $5-15, Keychains $5-15, Elf Ears $80-200.

101 A Call Kani
Kani Rubango
Omaha, NE

Kani is a mental health therapist who believes in a holistic approach to healing. She offers oracle card readings for $35, and often will combine that with energy work if it seems called for. Intuitive readings + oil $55. Energy work $45. She will also have oils directed by your reading available for $20.

101 B Psychic Medium
Kevin Kas

Kevin provides detailed readings from the metaphysical world by using his mediumship gifts. His mission is to become a beacon on Earth to provide guidance to help others connect with the spiritual world. Readings $45 for 20 minutes or $90 for 40 minutes.

102 Indigo Moon
Hally Aarhus
Omaha, NE

Holly is a certified crystal healer and Reiki Master. She has created her own tarot using crystals! Readings $25 for 15 minutes.

103 Rosa Maria’s Wellness
Rosa Maria Brooks “Rosama”
Hastings, NE

Rosa was born with a gift of healing with her hands. She employs spiritual energy healing,

104 Planet Paisley
Karen Coates
Malvern, IA

Karen has been conscientiously crafting orgonite pendants for more than 5 years, raising the vibe of 1 pendant at a time! She is a Registered Nurse, Reiki Master and Soul Realignment Practitioner. Hand crafted orgonite pendants and other items. $5-50.

105 A Little Witchy
Tambra Kucinsky
Omaha, NE

A Little Witchy is three generations of women who are driven to help those looking to begin or strengthen their own magical practice. Witch boxes, altar brooms, cleansing fans, smudge sticks, smokeless smudge and more! All price ranges.

106 The Crafty Atelier
Angela Fonfara
Omaha, NE

Angela is a newly established crafting artist who loves working with her hands. She makes plushies, ball-jointed dolls, Quari-Quties, and crocheted items.

107 AstroEyes Evolutionary Astrology
Cathy Lindsey
Des Moines, IA

Cathy has been an active astrologer since 1994. She has studied under Steven Forrest and Jeffrey Wolf Green, and is a proud graduate of Forrest’s Apprenticeship program. Cathy teaches Evolutionary Astrology & is available for speaking engagements.

108 Little Spaniel’s Crafts
Britteny Landon
Plattsmouth, NE

Britteny has been crafting and crocheting for more than 20 years and can make anything you can envision! She offers crocheted capes, scarves, jewelry, and much more. Her husband Eric also offers wood-burned items for sale at their booth!

109 Nature’s Dragon
Plattsmouth, NE

This is a new startup that creates a welcoming scouting environment for everyone! Designed with neuro-divergent people, and those with sensory needs in mind. They are selling baked goods, and trinkets to raise money for their group. All faiths are welcome.

110 Wicks and Works
Matt Assadi
Omaha, NE

Wicks and Works is a family business that handcrafts candles, and gifts, to put a smile on everyone’s face. On-the-spot customization with over 100 options to choose from is offered. Their signature skull candle contains a full 16 ounces of amazing aroma, and is also visually stunning!

111 Psychic Medium Dr. Sandra Monroe
Lincoln, NE

Dr. Monroe retired after 30 years as a chiropractor to work full-time as a professional psychic medium. She communicates with deceased loved ones, angels, and spirit guides to answer your questions and guide your life. Readings are $60 for 25 minutes.

112 Spirit Speaker KC
Jamie Collins
Kansas City, KS

Jamie is a Kansas City native, and an evidential medium who has been delivering messages from spirit for over a decade. These messages offer healing, comfort, and sometimes, much-needed closure. Twenty-minute sessions for $50.

113 Kessler on the Rocks
Randy Kessler
Omaha, NE

Kessler on the Rocks offers a wide variety of stones and finished goods. Spheres, obelisks, chakra stones, crystals, home décor, and much more! Randy is a board member of the Nebraska Gem and Mineral Society.

114 Kosmic Konnections
Mary Davis
Omaha, NE
Angel Oracle Readings! Looking for answers concerning life, relationships, career, special gifts or soul work? She is excited to be of service to you! Mary has more than 25 years experience! Psychic medium readings, or angel readings are priced at $25 for 15 minutes.

115 Ravyn Grove Elemental
Mama Kat
Omaha, NE

Mama Kat and Doktor Grey-Ravyn, practitioners of Voodoo Luzienne & Old World Witchcraft, create intention-specific tools such as candles, intention oils, charms and more to help you direct and focus energy. Prices range from $5 to $45. Helping you to live your best magickal life!

116 Doktor Grey-Ravyn
Omaha, NE

Doktor Grey-Ravyn is a voodoo conjure doctor brought up in voodoo Luzienne and Appalachian root work, with more than 25 years of experience offering readings. Spiritual readings using dominos, bones, tarot, etc. are $40. Spiritual cleansing $50. Come see what the spirits have to say!

117 Soul Fitness Life
Paige Pilege
Omaha, NE

Soul Fitness Life is happy to and grateful to offer these services to you: Psychic Angel Ancestor Reading. 12 cards. $70 I will use the best of my abilities to receive the message that is meant for you only from mine and yours. Interpret with tarot and give to you for clarity and understanding. 6 cards. $50 Is exactly the same. You will also receive any and all psychic messages that come in at that time.

118 Psychic Medium Viktoria Santo
Omaha, NE

Viktoria has studied mediumship extensively with some of today’s most renowned mediums in both the United States and the UK. Her level of accuracy and warmth provide a wonderful healing experience. Mediumship or psychic reading $60 for 20 minutes.

119 Aligned in Starlight
Chelsea and Christina
Omaha, NE

Chelsea is a Certified Reiki Practitioner and Life Coach who loves to make magical and whimsical art. She offers crystal art, fairy crowns, potions, necklaces, fidget toys, and more. Come home to your soul!

120-122 Light Jewels
Mark & Jean Finch
Overland Park, KS

Mark supplies custom-made jewelry inspired by Spirit. Talk to him about his current passion for opals! Jean is channeling about the travels of a starship and many new worlds, and does past life readings, and regressions, and is the author of “Messages From Other Worlds”.

123 Keller Cards
Paul Keller
Omaha, NE

Paul is a fan and seller of cards such as sports cards, Star Wars, superheroes, Harry Potter, Beatles, Disney, movies, music, and Dr. Who. His cards are geared toward the fan, and not the investment collector. Items range from $8 and up! He will also have many autographs!

124 Order of the Red Grail
Lincoln, NE

Charles “Crow” serves as the Church of Transformational Wicca’s High Priest, and the instructor for the seekers and students. He will have information available on the upcoming Avalon spiritual retreat center and products for sale. Handmade jewelry priced from $5-50. Pagan thermal engravings on various mediums $5-60.

125-127 Elements of Rejuvenation
Mark Wells & Elaine Rangel
Leon, IA

Mark also known as The Candle Man, and Elaine offer rocks, spheres, jewelry, pendulums, home-made soy candles, melts, essential oil products, wind chimes, Zuni fetishes, botanicals, and many one-of-a-kind items. Come discover why Elements of Rejuvenation has such a stellar reputation.

128 Rock-N-Wrap
Betty Selby-Syslo
Bellevue, NE

Betty was a horticulturist by trade for most of her life. She then taught herself how to create jewelry using rocks from her own personal rock collection. She also enjoys teaching others how to wire wrap! She will be offering hand-crafted jewelry and other items made with rocks and crystals, such as pendants, earrings, bracelets, crowns, circlets, windchimes, lotion dispensers, elf ears, and much, much more!

129 J & J Kustom Krafts
Jesse Meintsma
Bellevue, NE

J & J sells handcrafted leather and wood items such as hats, jewelry boxes, dice boxes, wallets, etc.

130 Damsel in Defense – Safety Educator
Karen Bramman
Council Bluffs, IA

Karen teaches self-defense classes that focus on safety strategies using Damsel in Defense products. Keep you and your loved ones safe…home and away! Products for every need and budget priced from $5 to $150. Your safety is my business!

131 Celestia’s Creations
Celestia Getgen
Bellevue, NE

Celestia is known as the Ollivander of Omaha! She offers a wide variety of handcrafted jewelry, incense, wands, wood-burned boxes, and staves. She also offers a limited line of Gemstones of the Earth Treasure Necklaces.

132 Rough Stuff Creations
Katie Becker
Eagle, NE

Making art is Katie’s release. She truly enjoys making people happy with the things she creates. She offers wire wrap jewelry and accessories, chainmaille, soy candles, soaps, crocheted items, beaded bracelets, and window charms.

133 Cryptid Creations
Morgan Stromer
Hastings, NE

Morg is an artist with a focus on curiosity and whimsy. She creates paintings, sculptures and so much more to bring good vibes into everyone’s home! Sculptures, paintings, multimedia art, digital prints, rune sets, and more!

134 Wicked B’s
Austine Behrens
Imogene, IA

Wicked B Infusions creates infusion jars, hanging diffusers, body care items, herbal remedies, incense and more.

135 Bruja Gitana
Chelsey Juarez
Essex, IA

Bruja Gitana is the one-stop shop to feed your witchy aesthetic heart. Chelsey has always had a higher spiritual connection and wants to bring that magic into the world around her. Normal is overrated! Live life the way you want to live it! Bruja Gitana sells everything from jewelry, clothes, natural cosmetics, bath teas, pain rubs, rollers and so much more! Tapestries and Good JuJu Dollz will be available once again doe to popular demand!

136 Aesirherb
Plattsmouth, NE

Allyson makes a wide variety of candles, skin-care products, and runes from many different materials such as antlers, shell and stone. She also makes beard balms, and sleep dolls. All products are from certified organic herbs, or grown by Allyson herself!

137 Underground Gypsy - Eric Banks &
Rebecca Perdieu
Olathe , KS

Underground Gypsy offers iridology analysis for inherited genetic characteristics and the emotional aspect of the soul’s journey. They also have many products to assist in one’s spiritual awakening! 

138 Underground Gypsy Aura Photography

Get your aura picture and an explanation starting at only $45


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