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Every oil is magickally prepared and blended with specific energetic purposes in mind. Made with the finest ingredients to produce the most powerful effects. You can feel the energy in these essences and we just adore them. They are some of the finest magickal oils we have found. Try them for yourself!

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High John the Conqueror Oil (Ipomoca Jalapa)
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SUCCESS - OPPORTUNITY - SELF ESTEEM - PROTECTION - STRENGTH High John the Conqueror root is a very yang / masculine root under the guardianship of Mars influenced by the element of Fire. A High John root impresses you with a large humming in the palm of your hand! It's common properties include success, love, happiness... by far this root can be utilized best to empower yourself! When you are looking for confidence and self assurity, use High John!  Use your High John Oil to give...

Liquid Amber Oil (Liquidamber / Styrax)
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PROTECTION * PRESENCE * ASTRAL STRENGTH * SELF CONFIDENCE* ATTRACTION Amber is a feminine plant under the guardianship of Lady Saturn influenced by the element of Earth. The scent of LiquidAmber announces you! The aspect of your presence can't be avoided using it. While Liquid Amber defines you and attracts others towards you; the scent is famous for the protective nature the petrified sap (used as a stone or piece of jewelry) engenders. Amber has always been worn to promote protective...