Spring Cleansing for the Soul By Beth Allen

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Ostara and the first day of Spring are just around the bend and that signals that it’s time for spring cleaning. No, not the boring one, it’s time to go through your tarot decks and switch things up. Even if you only have two decks – switch them in honor of the arrival of a new season.

Decks can be viewed as seasonal for a variety of reasons: the art depicted on the cards; predominant colors used in the deck remind you of a specific season or seasons; or maybe just the overall vibe you get from the deck. Some decks are begging for a deep dive, to be studied next to a cup of warm tea on a cold night. While others invite you to take them outside and enjoy a sunny day slinging cards with birds chirping all around you.

Here’s a list of some of the decks I plan to use this Spring and Summer. If you own these decks, maybe you want to try out this rotation method. If you don’t own these exact decks, maybe you want to analyze how you could use the decks you do own seasonally. Either way, it’s good to click Refresh every so often.

So let’s do a bit of a Spring cleansing for the soul.

1.)The Green Witch Tarot by Ann Moura, art by Kiri Ostergaard Leonard. In my review of this deck, which can be found with the deck on this website, I describe it as having “a fall/wintry feel.” Well, I changed my mind – a witch’s prerogative. Although the card depictions follow The Wheel of the Year, and therefore, all seasons and sabbats are represented, the more I work with it, the more springy and summery it feels to me. The deck just has a lot of green and a lot of plants and a lot of flowers. The Green Witch harkens to a sunny, harmonious village where the inhabitants are connected to Nature. Starting with The Greenman representing new beginnings and Ostara, the cards beckon us to get out of our rut and look around as the days grow longer and plants put out their buds.

2.)The Stolen Child by Monica L. Knighton. How can we talk about Spring without talking about the fae and the symbolic (or real) energy they bring to Nature this time of year?! The beautiful and fanciful art of The Stolen Child leads us into a different world and it has become my favorite fairy deck. In keeping with the deck’s theme, the images have a new-beginnings feel. Everything about this deck says new life and it’s filled with depictions of eggs, cocoons hatching, flowers bursting, and baby animals (you can find a full review of the deck on this website). One look at the joyful, energetic exuberance of The Magician or the wonder of the child suspended in ocean water in the 10 of Brine (Cups), and you know Spring has sprung.

3.)The Heartspun Tarot by Erin Haldane. You can almost smell honeysuckle and jasmine when you work with this sweet little animal deck – it’s got those summertime feels! It’s smaller than a standard-size deck so it’s perfect to grab and go. Put it in your backpack, beach bag, or purse and you’re ready to run off and enjoy a day in Nature. A crazy quilt of pastel colors, the deck’s art is soft and the messages are delivered on a summer breeze, but it can just as easily bring on the honesty like a sudden clap of thunder. Even the backs of these cards, with robin’s egg blue sky and flowered borders, won’t let you escape that feeling of a warm, lazy day.

4.)Journey of the Sacred Bee by Kelly Burton. This deck came out in 2020 and it’s already created quite a buzz! (Get it? Oh dear.) Anyway, it’s a collage-style deck of stunning beauty, steeped in turquoise, pinks, and purples. Even the sides of the cards are edged in a luxurious turquoise shimmer. And the theme – bees! Well, bees are to summer days what katydids are to summer nights. The vibrant, saturated colors in this deck give off major bright-summer-day heat vibes. The cards are full of images of hives, honeycomb, and flowers. Wings abound in every image. An added plus: a portion of the profits from deck sales is donated to The Bee Conservancy. This deck can be a deep dive for sure as it explores Sacred Geometry, but it’s a good intuitive reader as well. What a wonderful way to while away the hours on a hot summer day.

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