September 2016 Power Days

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Sept. 1st, Thursday, New moon, Financial Gain, burn green candles, aventurine

Sept. 2nd, Friday, Beauty, Partnership & Assistance, blue candles, sodalite

Sept. 3rd, Saturday, Justice Spells, blue candles, Lapis

Sept. 4th, Sunday, Self Improvement, Beauty, purple candles, amethyst

Sept. 5th, Monday, Labor Day, Domestic Power, brown candles, turitella

Sept. 6th, Tuesday, Intensity, Fiery Energy, Passion, Sexuality, red candles, ruby

Sept. 7th, Wednesday, Solitary Magick, silver candles, selenite

Sept, 8th, Thursday, Travel, Business Success, gold candles, pyrite

Sept. 9th, Friday, Friendship, pink candles, rose quartz

Sept. 11th, Sunday, Motivation, Personal Finance, gold candles, emerald

Sept. 13th, Tuesday, Courage, red candles, tiger's eye

Sept. 14th, Wednesday, Spirituality, Psychic Development, silver candles, moonstone

Sept. 16th, Friday, Destiny Moon, Social Events, blue candles, sodalite

Sept. 17th, Saturday, Break Down Barriers, yellow candles, apatite

Sept. 21st, Wednesday, Clarity for Decisions, yellow candles, tiger's eye

Sept. 22nd, Thursday, Mabon, Autumnal Equinox, Mercury Retrograde Ends!

Sept. 23rd, Friday, Initiate Endings to Relationships, blue candles, lapis

Sept. 24th, Saturday, Protection, black candles, tourmaline

Sept. 25th, Sunday, Banish sickness, orange candles, carnelian

Sept. 27th, Tuesday, Office Spells, Reversals, Banish Enemies, brown candles, dravite

Sept. 28th, Wednesday, Defend Against Psychic Attack, purple candles, amethyst

Sept. 29th, Thursday, Eliminate Obstacles to Wealth and Power, green candles, emerald

Sept. 30th, Friday, New Moon, Beauty, Partnerships, pink candles, rhodenite

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