Real Moldavite Versus Fake Moldavite: How to tell the difference.

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We have several people coming in everyday asking if we have Moldavite. It has exploded in popularity due to a TikTok video. We have been selling Moldavite for over 20 years and it has gotten very rare due to the high demand and scarcity of availability. Some people are looking on Etsy or Ebay to find pieces and most of them are fake so I wanted to help you identify what to look for.

First of all, it should be expensive. Very expensive. If it is a $30 pendant on Etsy, you can be pretty assured it is fake. Moldavite has been almost mined out and the only open and legal mine is in Chlum, Czech Republic. The government has taken over that mine and are strictly monitoring who gets any of what is left and nothing is going to come out of the mine for a few months. Very little will ever be mined again so the supply is almost gone. There are only a very small number of people who get any. We have gotten our supply from TW Designs Moldavite and Robert Simmons of Heaven and Earth and they are two of only a handful who has ever gotten any quantity.

Secondly, it should not ship from China or Thailand. Fakes come from predominantly those countries.The ones from China are inexpensive.There are some sellers in Thailand that are selling fakes that are very good and they are charging high prices with fake certifications, so beware of those.

Authenticity certifications may not mean anything. Anyone can make up a certification. There are no forms that the mine sends out with the moldavite saying they are real. So if someone has one, I would be skeptical. This isn't a real thing!!! Our moldavite supplier TW Designs Moldavite has recently created a certification to send with his pieces but it just something he is including so people know it came from him and he has a good reputation. This is a recent thing that he is doing but the mine issues nothing.

Moldavite is not kelly green and glassy looking! The fakes are being made by melting down glass 7up bottles! Moldavite should look blackish green for the most part, some of it is lighter though. It may have small parts that look glassy but the whole thing won't.

If the seller has a large amount of Moldavite, I would be suspicious. The Czech government only allows small amounts to specific people to have any. All of the reputable dealers and jewelers have almost none right now so if someone has a large amount, they are making it!

If you are able to feel the energy of crystals, you will immediately know if it is real or not. Moldavite is really high energy. It feels like a jolt to me. It is actually too high energy for me. I feel nervous and jittery when I am around it but many people love it. If you like the energy of garnets and rubies, you would probably like it.

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