January 2017 Power Days

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January Power Days

Sunday, Jan 1st, Self Improvement, Beauty, Burn pink candles, rose quartz

Monday, Jan. 2nd, Domestic Concerns, brown candles, dravite

Thursday, Jan. 5th, Luck and Prosperity, green candles, malachite

Friday, Jan. 6th, Make New Friends, pink candles, mangano calcite

Sunday, Jan. 8th, Motivation, Finances, gold candles, pyrite

Monday, Jan. 9th, Travel, Intuition, Peace, silver candles, moonstone

Tuesday, Jan. 10th, Bravery, orange candles, garnet

Wednesday, Jan. 11th, Magick and Scrying, blue candles, lapis

Thursday, Jan. 12th, Full Moon, Fame, Recognition, gold candles, emerald

Monday, Jan. 16th, Martin Luther King, Jr.Day, Release Past Emotions, black candle, tourmaline

Thursday, Jan. 19th, Clarity, yellow candles, citrine

Saturday, Jan. 21st, Transformation, green candles, aventurine

Sunday, Jan. 22nd, Banish Disease, orange candles, carnelian

Monday, Jan. 23rd, Feminine and Maternal Issues, silver candles, moonstone

Tuesday, Jan 24th, Banish Enemies, black candles, onyx

Wednesday, Jan. 25th, Defend Against Possible Psychic Attacks, purple candles, amethyst

Thursday, Jan. 26th, Eliminate Obstacles to Wealth and Prosperity, green candles, emerald

Friday, Jan. 27th, Romance, red candles, ruby

Monday, Jan. 30th, Intuition, silver candles, moonstone

Tuesday, Jan. 31st, Competition, Recognition, yellow candles, tiger's eye

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