Healing Properties of Phosphosiderite

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When you first touch a piece of Phosphosiderite, you will feel your heart skip a beat. This is a very joyful stone that really resonates with your heart chakra. It makes you feel lighter and would be very helpful to lessen depression, grief or sadness. It is called the "stone of hope and healing" due to this uplifting energy. It is a very soothing stone so it is good for children who are over tired or agitated. It can also help put you in a meditative state.

Phosphosiderite can help you connect with your spirit guides and angels. It helps you access and work with past life memories. It can help you recall your dreams and facilitate lucid dreaming.

Phosphosiderite can ease insomnia, just place it under your pillow. It also helps lessen upper respiratory ailments such as colds, flu, bronchitis,and other lung infections. It has also been used for the treatment of disorders of the skin and to strengthen the hair.

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