Best Beginner Rocks and Crystals

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It is very confusing when you are first learning about the healing energies of rocks. There are so many stones with so many energies, where do you start?

We here at the store are very fortunate in that we can pick up one of our 1000s of stones and feel the energy. We also have books and talk to other people about their experiences with crystals too.We discussed which stones are great for people just learning about stones, or stones that everyone should have, and these are the ones we agreed that everyone should have in their home.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is a lovely pink from of quartz. It is such a sweet stone that everyone should have at least one, or if you are like me, a whole desk full! Rose quartz helps you build self esteem and self confidence. It helps you to love yourself and others. It promotes joy and friendship. It helps soothe your heart if you are sad or lonely.


Not only is amethyst a beautiful stone, it is a real multi tasker. It is a very protective stone. It will help you develop artistic ability and help with the creative process. It is good for helping with nightmares and addictions. It helps give you self control and makes you feel whole.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is a great all purpose healing stone. Its energy amplifies the energy of other stones. Use it with any other stone. Clear Quartz can be set to your intention and help you manifest what you desire. Put a quartz crystal in with your tarot deck to clear it.


Garnet’s energy is as fiery as its appearance. It is a very energizing stone (no coffee needed!) It restores vitality. It is a very passionate stone. Use garnet whenever you want a project to succeed. It is a very sensual stone so put it in your bedroom when you want to spice things up!


Golden citrine is one of my favorites. It is called the “Merchant’s Stone” and shop owners should always have a piece in their cash register. Carry a piece in your pocket to attract success to you. Citrine is a good stone for students, it helps you learn and focus. Citrine never needs cleansing as it does not hold negative energies. It also helps with developing your intuition.


Hematite is one of the most popular stones here at the store and with good reason. It is a very grounding, soothing and stress removing. Hold a piece of hematite and imagine all of your stress melting away.


We love moonstone! Every woman should own a piece. It is very protective of women and children. It helps with fertility and safe pregnancies. It can help you develop your intuition. Use a piece to help you with divination.

Tigers Eye

Tiger’s Eye is a bold and assertive stone. It can help you stand up for yourself and get the recognition you deserve. Have a piece in your pocket when applying for a job or asking for a raise. Tiger’s Eye also is a very physically strengthening stone too.


Aventurine is a wonderful prosperity stone. It helps bring luck and money to you, always a good thing!

Red Jasper

Red Jasper is a very strengthening, nurturing stone. It is a stone of justice. Carry one in court for the most favorable outcome. Jasper helps with energy and motivation to get things done. If you tend to procrastinate, Jasper is for you! Jasper can keep people from invading your personal space which is helpful if you have a grabby coworker.


Labradorite is a very magical stone in both its appearance and metaphysical properties. It helps to awaken your mystical and magical abilities and psychic powers. It protects your aura and helps cleanse any negative emotions. It is powerful in revealing the truth and lies. Labradorite banishes fears and insecurities, and strengthens self esteem. It stimulates the imagination and helps you focus so you can start new projects and have new ideas. It is good for empaths as it can deflect others’ emotions.


Malachite enhances creativity and artistic ability.It works well to help you hone your intuition. It is a great stone for the heart chakra. It is a great stone for abundance and prosperity. It is a protective stone. Carry one when traveling, especially by airplane. Malachite is very soothing and calming. Hold a piece and take a deep breath, ahhh, that’s better!!!

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