AUGUST 2016 In Store Readers and Energy Workers

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Wednesday, August 3rd—PaPa Newt—Bone Readings 3:00—7:00

Friday, August 5th—Maria—Readings 4:00—7:00

Saturday, August 6th—Trishna—Readings Noon—5:00 $25

Saturday, August 6th—Energy Healing with Miss Crystal Noon—4:00

$20 for 20 minutes

Sunday, August 7th—Melody—Readings Noon—5:00

Monday, August 8th—Rev Kev—Readings 3:00—7:00

Tuesday, August 9th—Alex Fernandez—Readings 3:00—7:00

Wednesday, August 10th—Hannah Kroger Technique Reiki with Saundra Swan 3:00—7:00

$1 per minute (10 minute minimum)

Thursday, August 11th—Brenda Peters—Readings 5:00—7:00

Friday, August 12th—Frederick—Readings Noon—5:00

Saturday, August 13th—Dreanna—Readings Noon—5:00

Sunday, August 14th—Mary Davis—Readings Noon—5:00

Wednesday, August 17th—PaPa Newt—Bone Readings 3:00—7:00

Thursday, August 18th—Alex Fernandez—Readings 3:00—7:00

Friday, August 19th—Dreanna—Readings 3:00 - 7:00

Saturday, August 20th - Tracy - Readings Noon - 5:00

Saturday, August 20th—Energy Healing with Miss Crystal Noon—4:00

$20 for 20 minutes

Sunday, August 21st—Dreanna—Readings Noon—5:00

Monday, August 22nd—Rev Kev—Readings 3:00—7:00

Tuesday, August 23rd—Number 2 Success Numerology Readings with

Dana Camp. 3:00—7:00

Friday, August 26th—Amythyst Raine—Readings 3:00—7:00

Saturday, August 27th—Frederick—Readings Noon—5:00

Sunday, August 28th—Ann Marie—Readings Noon—5:00

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