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    Amber is a feminine plant under the guardianship of Lady Saturn influenced by the element of Earth. The scent of LiquidAmber announces you! The aspect of your presence can't be avoided using it. While Liquid Amber defines you and attracts others towards you; the scent is famous for the protective nature the petrified sap (used as a stone or piece of jewelry) engenders. Amber has always been worn to promote protective energies and to announce the presence of someone 'who knows' just who and what she/he is. This is the quintessential Witch's scent~! 

    Working with LiquidAmber in casting enchantments of to attract specific energies is ages old. Use it to annoint charms, to dress candles and of course, to wear. Most often used with gray or black candles to serve as protective of or in clamly dissipating negative energies troubling your environment, LiquidAmber adds the quality of strength and resolve as the flame grows. Observe it!

    Whenever your resolve wanes, use LiquidAmber to reaffirm and project your personal power. Equally, whenever you're in need of a quick attractor...try the sweetness of LiquidAmber!