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The Ferret Deck Self Published  The Ferret Deck Self Published, cute tarot, beginner tarot, small press tarot, unusual tarot
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Palmistry Inspiration Cards, Learn to read palms!
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Trick or Treat Tarot Deck and Book
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The  Fountain Tarot Deck
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Anime Tarot Deck and Guidebook
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By McAlla Ann. Original art by Mercenary of Duna. This is a 78 Card deck with all original art work of both major and minor arcana.The guidebook is 108 pages and included some simple spreads.

Blessed Be Tarot
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Cirque de Whimsy Tarot Deck by Carol Hartman DeVall Self Published
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Cirque de Whimsy is a tarot card deck created from hand colored linoleum block prints by Carol Hartman DeVall. It shows this amazing and beautiful life as seen through the eyes of the trickster or clown.

Continue to Grow Oracle Healing Deck Inspirational Affirmations by Brittani Zahourek self love, healing, emotional healing, shadow work, affrimations
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This is what the Aurthor and Artist Brittani Zahourek had to say about creating this amazing deck!"Series 2 of the Inspiring cards that helped me heal and cope during difficult times and help keep me in a positive mindset regularly.I originally made these cards for myself as a part of my healing process. I found art that fit my mood that day (good or bad) and grabbed some paper and sketched out my version of it. I paired my art with quotes I had saved as I saw them during a hard day that...

Creatrix Anything is Possible Activation Cards by Melissa Harris, Self Published
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Anything is Possible showcases the universal stories of women Melissa has gathered and archived in the thought-provoking art in this deck. These activation cards serve as a guide through 33 universal challenges women experience. Women can turn to this accessible tool for inspiration, contemplation, comfort, direction, exploration, or daily as a reminder that anything is possible. The cards are organized into four suits including invocation, grace, keys and initiation. The accompanying...