I AM Vibrational Energy Cards Self Published Affirmation Deck by Debbie Anderson

The I AM Vibrational deck consists of 52 positive and affirming cards along with an 80 page guide book to help you connect divinely to who you truly are . . . a vibrational energy being here on earth experiencing your own adventure.

This deck is about having fun with your own personal empowerment. Choose a card every day or whenever you need vibrational inspiration. Guide book by author Debbie A. Anderson and artwork & illustrations by artist Aaron Pyne.

About the Cards:The I AM Vibrational Affirmation Cards The way to use these cards, is to shuffle them and pull a card to guide you through your vibrational day. The card you pick is the right card for you at the time you pull it, so don’t doubt yourself or the Universal guides, helpers, angels & guardians that work with you all the time. I am vibrational – I am open and ready…..

May your journey be filled with opportunities, quests and much joy & vibrational laughter. The cards are 3" x 5" each in size and they come with a interpretation Guide Book

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