Single Meditation Chime Bell Single Meditation Chime Bell

Single Meditation Chime Bell (ALT-SNGL-BLL)

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A gentle tap with the mallet and the single rod of the Chime - Solo emits a powerful tone of singular beauty that lasts and lasts. Focus on the tone to help clear your mind and relax during your hectic day. Chime to start or end a meeting, or to...
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  • Construction and design.
  • The wall mount option
  • That I don't have one in EVERY room!
This is amazing. Loved it so much I had to buy one for a friend as her house-warming gift--she LOVES it, of course!

The sound is unreal. It's both gentle and permeates the environment at the same time. It'll change the way you fell when breathing right after you chime it. Anyone looking for moments of clarity before/after meditation should use this. Can't see why it couldn't replace a bell as an altar tool as well.


Reviews 1-1 of 1