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Celestite is one of the most important stones for connecting with the Angelic domain. Its energies are very gentle and uplifting, softly raising and expanding one's awareness. Clusters of Celestite can bring an atmosphere of tranquility into whatever room they are within.

Celestite is recommended for meditation, healing the emotional body, attuning one's awareness to the higher realms, quieting the mind, releasing stress and dispelling anxiety. It reminds one of the all-pervading benevolence of the Universe, and helps one become a living embodiment of that loving flow. Celestite is the quintessential stone of Forgiveness.

It supports one in inviting all those who have wounded one to come into one's heart. The power of Forgiveness is one of the strongest energies for healing, and Celestite emanates the currents of Forgiveness perhaps more than any other stone. For meditators Celestite facilitates entry into the higher realms. It helps one to connect with one's Angelic guides, teachers and protectors.

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    Wonderful as Always

    quality every time.


    Was told that this stone would help with my intuition and spiritual awakening and I held the stone in my hand while meditating and I definitely could feel the difference