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  • Love Spell Box for bringing love into your life - LoveBox
  • Love Spell Box for bringing love into your life - LoveBox

This box has everything you need to do a love spell! We make them by hand

It includes a piece of rose quartz and pink opal which are great for attracting love and happiness
A rose quartz heart pendant for you to wear every day to bring loving energy your way.
Love bath salts that I have hand made with essential oils and herbs and infused with energy
A pink candle and holder
Rose petals
Glitter, because it is fun
A sage bundle to purify and create sacred space
Instructions on how to do a love spell and affirmation
Love oil to anoint your candle and to wear, This is a very powerful oil that has steeped with crystals, essential oils and been infused with energy

Price: $24.99
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    Overall Customer Rating of 4 Reviews:


    This was such a lovely love spell box.

    Everything included in it was absolutely wonderful.

    Would make a great gift for someone in need of a love spell too.


    <p>This spell box is really awesome and well thought out, love it!!!</p>

    Omaha, NE

    I love it!

    • Beautiful
    • colorful
    • and amazing.
    • Absolutely none.
    <p>I'm still waiting for it to work, but I love this product. The stones are good quality, the pendant is absolutely gorgeous, and the amount of what you get for the price is astonishing. I adore everything about this. The spell itself gave me chills while casting, and it even came with a nice hand-signed card! I highly recommend this product. Fingers crossed it works soon!</p>

    Love spell box

    <p>Awesome box with many items. Love it........still waiting for it to work though.</p>