The Great Vampire's Blood Incense Caper

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Get The Original Formula Here!

We have been selling Vampire's Blood Incense for quite awhile. It has a soft, warm scent and is very popular. We started getting some comments that the formula had changed. We asked our incense distributor about it and they said the formula had not changed but our customers assured it had.

I contacted the incense maker, Nandita, in India, who told me about a different incense distributor in the US. I ordered some from them and compared the two side by side. The boxes look almost identical but the authentic Vampire's Blood has a website address on it. While they look almost identical, they smell different.
We will only sell the original formula from now on on the website. If you have purchased it recently in the store and like the newer formula, we have some left if you want to stock up but will not be offering it after this batch is sold out.

Two ways to spot the imposter incense:

There will be no url on the box

The inner wrapper will not have writing on it

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