Power Days October 2016

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Oct. 1st, Saturday, Justice Spells, burn gold candles, pyrite

Oct. 2nd, Sunday, Vigor, Self Improvement, Beauty, red candles, garnet

Oct. 3rd, Monday, Feminine, Maternal, Domestic Issues, pink candles, moonstone

Oct. 5th, Wednesday, Work in the Astral, silver candles, amber

Oct. 6th, Thursday, Travel, Business Success, gold candles, citrine

Oct. 8th and 9th MYSTIC FEST!

Oct. 9th, Sunday, Adventure, New Projects, Opportunity, Motivation, Personal Success, one of the best days of the year to start or plan a new business or venture, green candles, jade

Oct. 11, Tuesday, Warrior Energy, Courage, orange candles, carnelian

Oct. 12th, Wednesday, Magnetism, One on One Negotiation, Divination, Elemental Magick, silver candles, lodestone

Oct. 14th, Friday,Develop Talents, Arts and Crafts, First Dates, purple candles, amethyst

Oct. 19th, Wednesday, Clarity for Decisions, yellow candles, peach moonstone

Oct. 20th, Thursday, Security, yellow candles, tourmaline

Oct. 21st, Friday, Amicable Divorce or Parting, blue candles, sodalite

Oct. 22nd, Saturday, Protection, black candles, onyx

Oct, 23rd, Sunday, Banish Disease and Illness, brown candles, dravite

Oct. 26th, Wednesday, Honor Ancestors, Decisions, brown candles, nuummite

Oct. 28th, Friday, Initiate Endings to Relationships, blue candles, blue quartz

Oct. 30th, Sunday, Vigor, Self Improvement, red candles, ruby

Oct. 31st, Monday, Samhain, Honor the Dead, Black Candles, Black Tourmaline


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