March 2016 Power Days

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March Power Days

Wednesday, March 2nd, Solitary magick, honor ancestors, burn brown candles, petrified wood

Friday, March 4th, Resolve quarrels with friends and lovers, burn blue candles, sodalite

Monday, March 7th, Intuition, white candles, moonstone

Tuesday, March 8th, New Moon, Job hunting, green candles, malachite

Thursday, March 10th, Networking, orange candles, carnelian

Friday, March 11th, Develop Talents, Arts and Crafts, First Dates, purple candles, amethyst

Sunday, March 13th, Daylight Savings Begins (Spring forward, set your clocks back an hour), Beauty, Self improvement, pink candles, rhodochrosite

Monday, March 14th, Travel Intuition, white candles, clear quartz

Tuesday,March 15th, Education, Warrior Energy, Courage, red candles, tiger's eye

Wednesday, March 16th, Divination, Elemental Magick, blue, red, green, yellow candles, clear quartz

Thursday, March 17th, St. Patrick's day, Good luck, Security, gold candles, aventurine

Friday, March 18th, Romance, Friendship, pink candles, rhodenite

Sunday, March 20th, Happy Ostara! Spring Equinox, Health and Healing, green candles, prasiolite

Monday, March 21st,Borrow or lend money, gold candles, pyrite

Tuesday, March 22nd,Attraction, Travel, red candles, lodestone

Wednesday, March 23rd, Full Moon, Fair deals, brown candles, nuummite

Sunday, March 27th, Easter, Relieve stress, blue candles, fluorite

Monday, March 28th,Release unwanted emotions, white candles, blue lace agate

Wednesday, March 30th,Clarity for decisions, yellow candles, citrine

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