Healing Properties of Shungite

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Shungite is taking the rock world by storm, it is a superb healing stone.

Shungite is a very old stone, over two billion years old. It is found in the Karelia area in Russia, near a small settlement called Shunga, thus the name "Shungite", While it is a relatively new stone for us, it has been well revered in Russia for a very long time, since its discovery in the 1700s. People would travel to this region to drink the water that had shungite in it.

Shungite is reported to have incredible purifying properties. Many people put shugite in their water to purify it and remove chemicals and impurities. To add to its healing properties, It has anti-oxidants in the stone itself.

Shungite is a powerful stone to protect you from all of the devices you use everyday. It shields you from the electromagnetic radiation given off by computers, cell phones, microwaves and televisions.

Shungite is said to calm and soothe anyone using or near it, probably due to its super protective energies and its ability to transmute negative energy.

We just got some incredible "Elite Shungite". It is called "elite" due to its shiny and beautiful sheen. Often Shungite is a dull black but this new Shungite is really amazing.

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