Hawthorn Berry: Herb of The Month

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Hawthorn Berry
ENERGY: Masculine

Some of the common names for Hawthorn include quickthorn, thornapple, whitethorn, Mayflower, May-tree or hawberry. Hawthorn berries are tiny fruits that grow on trees and shrubs belonging to the Crataegus genus. The genus includes hundreds of species commonly found in Europe, North America, and Asia. These nutrient – rich berries have a tart, tangy taste, and mild sweetness. They range in color from yellow to dark red.

For hundreds of years, people have used hawthorn berry as an herbal remedy for digestive problems, heart issues, and high blood pressure. In fact, the berry has been a key part of traditional Chinese medicine since at least 659 A.D.

Hawthorn has been used to help protect against heart disease and to help control high blood pressure. It has also been used to treat skin sores and boils.

Metaphysically, Hawthorn is used for protection, longevity, communicating with spirits and ancestors and working with the Fae. It is also good in love and sex magick as it has a strong association with matters of the heart. It works well to help heal from grief and release emotional patterns that no longer serve our highest good. The berries are especially useful for protective magick over the hearth and home.

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