Growing Witchy Herbs and Flowers

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By Local Green Witch Cassandra Brasher

Ostara has come and passed and if you are anything like me, the spring equinox has you nothing if not excited for some warm weather and green plants. Planning out a new garden can be extremely overwhelming whether it's from the vast options from seeds alone, the cost or just finding enough space to grow at all. Fortunately, planting herbs in containers can not only keep certain ones from aggressively spreading and taking over your garden but give you the ability to grow in small areas like apartments!

These are some container friendly herbs and flowers to give you some ideas for your own magical garden here in Omaha and their magical attributes:
Rosemary- Purification, healing, nightmare repellant, faeries, handfasting & protection
Green sage- Cleansing, protection, wisdom, grounding, longevity, wishes & house blessings
Oregano- Joy, strength, vitality, energy & substanceMint- Abundance, fertility, protection, fortune, luck, prosperity, creativity, healing & love
Basil- wealth, love, abundance, protection, luck, safe travel, divination, banishing & luck
Thyme- Courage, affection, loyalty, purification, dreaming, healing & divination
Catnip- Love, beauty, dreaming, luck, happiness, binding, peace & cat workings
Hydrangea- Hex-breaking, fidelity, binding, intuition, love & faerie magick
Snapdragon- Protection, purification, beauty & dispelling gossip
Calendula- Dreams, legal, protection, wishes, psychic powers & luck with money
Dwarf sunflowers- Fertility, protection, happiness, energy, power, wisdom & sun magick
Marigold- Love, psychic power, dreams, admiration, protection & luck with legal matters
Lavender- Purification, sleep, dreams, healing, protection, peace, clarity & happiness

Make sure that when you are choosing to plant that you start out small to avoid being overwhelmed, you can always come back and add more to your collection. I like to start all my seedlings in biodegradable (Jiffy) pots because they are extremely cheap and when you choose to transfer your seedlings to a you don't have to worry about damaging it as you take them out. After it stays consistently above 50 degrees, feel free to leave your new plants outside or transfer them to an outside garden bed. Many herbs grow well on sunny indoor window sills too.
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