February Power Days

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Tuesday, Feb, 2nd, Imbolc

Wednesday, Feb. 3rd, Work in the Astral, honor ancestors, decisions, burn brown candles, petrified wood

Monday, Feb. 8th, New Moon, feminine. maternal, domestic issues, burn pink candles, moonstone

Tuesday, Feb. 9th, Job hunting, green candles, pyrite

Sunday, Feb. 14th, Valentine's Day, New Business, Investments, Plan a Garden, gold candles, malachite

Monday, Feb. 15th, President's Day, Travel, Intuition, white candles, clear quartz

Tuesday, Feb. 16th, Education, yellow candles, citrine

Wednesday, Feb. 17th, Written communication, Favorable negotiation, blue candles, sodalite

Thursday, Feb. 18th, Security, Good luck, gold candles, aventurine

Friday, Feb. 19th, Romance, red candles, garnet

Sunday, Feb. 21st, Ambition, Success, green candles, tiger's eye

Monday, Feb. 22nd, Inspiration Full Moon, Borrow or lend money, silver candles, moonstone

Saturday, Feb. 27th, Shapeshifting, Protection, purple candles, amethyst

Sunday, Feb. 28th, Relieve stress, blue candles, fluorite

Monday, Feb. 29th, Leap Day, Release unwanted emotions, white candles, lepediolite

Day information from Seasons of the Witch

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