August 2016 Magickal Power Days

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Aug, 1st, Monday, Lammas, Resolve domestic issues, burn brown candles, rose quartz

Aug. 2nd, Tuesday, New Moon, feminine, maternal, domestic issues, burn pink candles, rhodochrosite,

Aug. 4th, Thursday, Financial Gain, Networking, green candles, aventurine

Aug. 9th, Tuesday, Intensity, Fiery Energy, Passion, Sexuality, burn red candles, garnet

Aug. 10th, Wednesday, Solitary Magick, white candles, moonstone

Aug11th, Thursday, Travel, Luck, blue candles, sodalite

Aug. 12th, Friday, Friendship, pink candles, mangano calcite

Aug. 17th, Wednesday, Magnetism, One on One Negotiation, silver candles, lodestone

Aug. 18th, Thursday, Full Moon, Amber Moon

Aug. 24th, Wednesday, Honor Ancestors, Decisions, orange candles, nuummite

Aug. 27th, Saturday, Protection, purple candles, amethyst

Aug. 30th, Tuesday, Mercury Retrograde begins!

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