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Pentacle Goddess Wand
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A small but powerful Magic Wand that celebrates the Goddess and the powers of transformation. The highly textured shaft is adorned with pentacles, snakes and stars. A Goddess with upraised arms and a sphere complete the energy of this Wand. This Wand makes a wonderful easily portable Magic Wand.The Pentacle Goddess Wand works well for all kinds of Spell and Energy work. It is a popular Magic Wand with Pagans and Wiccans.Measures 7 1/4 inches long.This Magic Wand is made of the finest 100%...

Pentacle Witch Wand
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Power to the Witch! This is a very powerful Magic Wand, adorned with many Pentacles, Stars, Celtic Interlaces and other sacred symbols. A Sacred Snake twines around the lower shaft of the Wand. This is a very popular Wand with Wiccans and other magickal folks.The energy of this Magic Wand is both grounded and dynamic. This is a great all purpose Magic Wand.Measures 10 3/4 inches long.Made of the finest 100% Lead-Free Pewter, for conductivity, strength and beauty.Each wand is hand crafted here...

Spiral Energy Wand
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This is a Magic Wand of both subtle and powerful energies mingled with the timeless beauty of Spirals.From the most ancient times, Spirals have been among the most sacred of symbols in most cultural traditions. Ancient Standing Stones and the stones of NewGrange are adorned with Spirals. Even the DNA within every cell in your body is a spiral. Spirals are at the very core of all life on Earth.The Spiral Energy Wand's graceful, open spirals cradle a 30mm stone or crystal sphere. The spirals...

Spiral Goddess Wand
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The Spiral Goddess, a contemporary Goddess archetype graces Abby's Goddess Power Wand. This Wand calls forth the energies of the Great Goddess. It helps to focus the energy of healing, knowing, and claiming your power. The Spiral Goddess is "She Who Creates from Her Own Source" and echoes and enhances the power to look within and claim the Goddess there. The textures on this Wand are a representation of time and space, mysterious, infinite, and ever changing. A perfect little Goddess Magic...

The Grove Design Wand Stand
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The Grove Design Wand Stand will hold any of our Magic Wands beautifully. A removable clear crystal sphere comes with each stand, and can be removed if you wish to use it or if you wish to place your own favorite small sphere or stone on the stand. Many people change the Stand Stone regularly to charge their Wand with different stone energies, depending on the kind of Spells they will be working with. For Healing Spells, a Carnelian, Aventurine or Rose Quartz might be placed in the Wand Stand,...

Triple Goddess Wand
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The Triple Goddess Wand is a remarkable Metaphysical Tool that calls forth the solid power and transcendent spirit of the Great Goddess of our ancestors. Triple Goddess forms have long been classical representations of the mind, body and spirit powers of the Goddess, and her triple nature of Maid, Mother and Crone. The three ancient Neolithic Goddesses flow around this wonderful Magic Wand and support a moon-like sphere. The shaft of the Wand flows from a small sphere at the base into a...

Triple Moon Wand
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This is a beautiful Magic Wand that celebrates the Moon, the Goddess, and the Sacred Cycles of Nature. On the front, is the Triple Moon, a sacred symbol in Pagan and Wiccan culture. On the back, is a small, fully sculpted, Venus of Willendorf figure. This Magic Wand has a smooth, spiraling shaft to amplified the energy of the user.A fine 30mm Sphere is at the top of the Magic Wand, and is the focal point for the energy of your Spell or Meditation. This is a very special Magic Wand!Measures 10...

Witchs Broom Magic Wand
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The association between witches and brooms goes back to ancient times. The pagan community would come together for ceremonies to ensure healthy crops. During the ritual they would mount pitchforks, poles, and brooms; and ride them like horses into the fields, leaping high into the air and dancing. During medieval times brooms were a symbol of female domesticity. Since most witches were female, the broom became intrinsically linked with Witches. In modern times, brooms are reminders of the...

Witchs Broom Wand Set
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The Witch's Broom Wand Set for Claiming Your Power, Healing, Remembering the Burning Times, Power, Craft and Magick.Brooms and pointed hats are traditional symbols of witches and wise women. Both are symbols of the Witches' Power, Knowledge and Magickal Tradition. Your Witch’s Broom Wand and Hat placed upon your altar or other sacred space will be reminders of the Wise Witches who came before us.This amazing Witch's Broom Wand Set was created by Abby Willowroot in 2001 to honor the Witches and...