Melody Pena is the most amazing sculptor. Her creations are beautiful works of art that have amazing detail. The colors are vibrant, the expressions are animated. M. Pena's designs are highly collectible. These sturdy works of art delight everyone. Start, or add to your collection today!

Windstone Editions Black/Gold Emperor Dragon
Price: $344.00
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Item #: DG-BGED -

By M. Pena The Emperor proudly displays his elegant ruby violet and metallic gold trim. He has blue glass eyes and amethyst jewels in his forehead. This is a production color, also available from our dealers. Weight: 16 lb. Dimensions: 7.5in. L x 8.5in. W x 12.75in. H

Windstone Editions Black/Gold Fledgling Dragon
Price: $74.00
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Item #: DG-BGFD -

By M. PenaThis is our Fledgling Dragon in black gold. Weight: 2.1 lb. Dimensions: 3.5in. L x 3in. W x 5in. H