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    Build your own rune magic practice with this comprehensive guide

    Deepen your understanding of runes—from their origins and meanings, to their use in divination, and how to cast your own runes to inspire self-discovery and transformation. With this clear and in-depth rune book, you'll find everything you need to read different rune sets, learn where they come from, and infuse them into your life.

    • Explore the history of runes—Dive into runelore and uncover a complete overview of different alphabets, early inscriptions, and their strong connections to Norse mythology.
    • Understand the runic alphabet—Learn how to decode the Elder Futhark, the Younger Futhark, and the Anglo-Saxon Futhorc—and discover the magic of each symbol.
    • Perform your own runecasting—Develop your divination and magic practice with guidance on using runes for everything from attracting success to inspiring creativity.

    Unlock the magic of runes today with The Complete Guide to Runes.