The Blackest Rose Archangel Raphael Oil

The Blackest Rose Archangel Raphael Oil (BROR)

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Raphael is the supreme healer in the angelic realm. Reach for Raphael when you need strength, healing, support and guidance. He is the patron saint of of healing, physicians, travelers, and matchmakers.This oil has been carefully prepared with...
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Excellent Oil

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<p>When anyone is very sick in my family, I pour some of the oil on to the Healing Candles, as well as Miracle Candles. Depending how ill the person is, I usually put the oil on my wrist and if they are in the hospital I will rub my wrist on them, as to not put direct contact on their skin from the bottle. I then "ask" ask being the key word here, because we aren't supposed to pray to archangels. I ask Raphael to heal them with all my heart, and always say "Thank you". This oil helps this process beautifully. I highly recommend it!</p>

Reviews 1-1 of 1