Poppy Jasper for Enthusiasm and Energy, 1"

Poppy Jasper is a happy energetic stone. It is a fiery, passionate stone. It is a form of brecciated jasper that features orbicular patterns of red, black, brown and white. The jasper fractures and hematite and/or quartz forms in these fractures to give it the lively colors and patterns. Poppy Jasper is very lively and gives you enthusiasm and vitality. It boosts your physical endurance and promotes better health. Poppy Jasper is like a lightening bolt to get your chi flowing and eliminate any stagnant or dormant energy in your body or home. It really gets you up and moving and ready to take on any challenges or new project. This is your “go to” stone to get things done. If procrastination or lack of gumption is ailing you, this is the stone to eliminate them!

One piece, approximately 1"

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