Meet The Maker: Artemis Tea & Botanical

Located In Omaha, Nebraska.

Artemis Tea & Botanical is a small, Artisan, woman-owned tea company focused on re-wilding traditional tea culture in an effort to rekindle a sense of intimacy between people and plants. They occupy the “wild” edges of tea culture, re-imagining what “tea” is and can be as we blend traditional herbalism with progressive tea culture.

 They offer over 30 original Artisan tea blends focused on wellness, ecology, and sustainability. They partner with local herb farms, U.S. growers, ethical importers, and small family tea farms in India, Nepal, and China.

Pure, delicious teas are real medicine. While "tea" traditionally refers to the leaves of camellia sinensis, there are myriad other plants that both sensorily tantalize and possess enticing healing properties. Artemis taps into all layers of the vegetal world both cultivated and wild, from trees and bushes, to climbing vines and blossoming herbs. Every part of the plant is incorporated in our teas—stems, seeds, roots, bark, leaves, berries, and flowers. 

They care passionately about plants and the health of the environment. Where and how plants are grown, harvested, processed, blended, and packaged matters. You can be sure that each cup of Artemis tea is full of love and intention—from planting to packaging*. 

*Artemis currently uses simple, biodegradable kraft bags for our teas with biodegradable hemp-fiber labels in an effort to keep a small carbon footprint with less generated waste.

Andrea Lawse is the CEO and Founder of Artemis. She is a Clinical Herbalist and passionate ecological advocate, writer, educator, and medicine-maker.