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Carnelian Gemstone meaning

A beautiful orange colored gemstone, Carnelian is linked both to the the Sacral Chakra.

Healing Properties

As a healing stone it has long been believed to help with blood diseases and may increase clotting therefore speeding healing of cuts and abrasions.

Carnelian is a very uplifting and optimistic stone. It can ease negativity and depression, enabling us to look on the brighter side of life. It dispels apathy and increases motivation.

Carnelian is a very passionate, energetic stone. It can bring increased energy and sensuality into your love life.

It is stone of courage and inspiration, helping us to overcome our fears - especially for public speakers, actors and musicians. It helps you overcome your fears and it boosts your confidence.

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    Carnelian helps protect you  from fear, rage, envy and helps you process and release heavy emotions. 

    Carnelian is helpful for healing of the root (1st), sacral (2nd), solar plexus (3rd),and throat (5th)  chakras.

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