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Handblown in the USA. These balls are slightly tear drop shaped and are amazing!

Pictures are representative, each one is different.

Popular in 18th Century England; Witchballs (or witch balls) were believed to provide protection against uninvited spirits and were hung in the window for protection against evil spells. Created in the old-fashioned 'breath-blown' method, these beautifully colored witchballs are thought to capture the fancy of ill-willed "visitors" and ensnare them in their web of beauty...Description card included. They make an amazing gift, especially for housewarmings! Stunning when sunlight shines through them!


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    Arrived packaged securely and well. Beautiful witch balls, big heavy and exactly what I wanted. The packaging smells just like the store...so good and relaxing! I love the people and am never disappointed with the products, even living states away.