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    Mandragora is an ancient root of use under Mercurial - Plutonian guardianship. The element of Fire is invoked by it naturally. European Mandrake roots hold steadfast to the ground that sustains them. Approaching them is an art of persuasion and harvesting the vital graciousness held in the Mandrake and requires a quality of self honesty. The name of Mandrake comes from ancient Summer and Egypt where is was called NAM - TAR, meaning 'plague of god'. When Mandrake is employed, the individual ceases to blindly listen to the cleric or priest and looks within for deeper truths! Through European antiquity it was used as a magical poppet in love enchantments; it appears as entwined human bodies. The Mandrake will accept a charge of passion into itself, ah! often to teach the lessons of misspent passions by the practitioner. Mandragora is the essential Earthen deva's wisdom! The same heat of passion transforms to the heat of healing the body Mandrake reflects. Mandrake is a powerful healing medicine able to flush all manner of toxins from the body. It can initate an euphoric sense of ease when applied by the adept. 

    With the help of Mandrake, we face our true self to hear our inner truths. Mandrake will help you focus to subtly hear your guides and spiritual guradians; clairaudiance. The more you practice listening with the guidance of Mandrake, the more adept you can become at discerning it without the fliters of personality that tend to glamour it. Mandrake can help you to hear the guidance of the Oldest of the Old, Hecate. Under her influence we grow wiser and more forgiving of those who suffer intolerance and ignorance.

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    Magnificent essential oil!

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    I love, love, LOVE the scent of the Mandrake oil. Very soothing to me. Great in magickal workings or daily living. A must have!