Shoyeido Japanese Incense

Shoyeido is a wonderful 300-year old traditional Japanese incense company, established in 1705, producing what is widely considered to be the highest quality, finest incense in the world. Its unique incense is hand-blended from the finest natural ingredients, using expertise that has been refined and perfected over 300 years.

Shoyeido incense does not smell like perfume. It has a natural, woodsy herbal fragrance. Many people will never burn anything else after experiencing this incense. It is good for those who are sensitive to strong fragrances, as it is subtle and natural.

Shoyeido's blending process is an art form, whereby highly trained "masters" draw upon centuries-old secrets to create modern works of fragrance. Working with the finest natural ingredients, these artisans must carefully process the quality, balance, and ratio of each component. The slightest variation in amount or quality of any ingredient can dramatically influence the resulting outcome. The results are remarkable, subtle scents that beckon us to use all of our senses – what the Japanese call mon-koh, or "listening to incense."

Shoyeido products are not just the preferred incense for most temples in Japan. These unique blends are the modern natural solution for creating a relaxing fragrant atmosphere in the home. Whether as an accompaniment to work, to enliven social settings, to deepen yoga and meditation practices, or simply as bubble bath or spa accompaniment, Shoyeido’s pure incense is a timeless way to enhance atmosphere.

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Shoyeido Japanese Incense Blue Topaz - Joy
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Tea leaves and vanilla create a playful scent for a lighthearted mood. Ingredients: Tea Leaves, Sandalwood (Santali lignum), Clove (Caryophylli flos), Vanilla (Vanilla fructus) and spices.35 sticks plus small incense burner

Shoyeido Japanese Incense Mystic Jade - Peace
Price: $5.99
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Myrrh, a timeless gift of magi and kings, imbues this blend with the harmony of the ages. Ingredients: Myrrh (Commiphora myrrha), Sandalwood (Santali lignum), Clove (Caryophylli flos) and spices35 sticks plus small incense burner

Shoyeido Japanese Incense Obsidian - Hope
Price: $6.99
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Item #: SIAH -

Resinous frankincense, an aromatic wonder of nature, engenders feelings of faith and devotion. Sandalwood (Santalum), Frankincense (Olibanum), Vanilla (Vanilla fructus), Ginger Lily (Hedychii rhizoma) and other spices.35 sticks plus small incense burner

Shoyeido Japanese Incense Rose Crystal - Love
Price: $6.99
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Item #: SIAL -

A special recipe of herbs and sandalwood provides a subtle hint of the feeling of love. We are always in and surrounded by love. Sometimes - we need a reminder. Sandalwood and herbs are united in this splendid and sentimental favorite. Ingredients: Benzoin (Benzoinum), Sandalwood (Santali lignum), Balsam Tolu (Myroxylon balsamum) and spices.35 sticks plus small incense burner