Heart Healing Pink Calcite, Tumbled and Polished 1" Stone

Pink Calcite is one of the most heart-healing stones I know of. When you hold a piece of pink calcite, your heart chakra opens up and past emotions just come poring out. It is a stone of peace and well being.

It can help boost confidence and self esteem. It can help the heart grow, develop true love and compassion. It can help you cultivate unconditional love for others and drive selfless acts and encourage charity.

Pink Calcite helps you develop self love. If you are too critical of yourself, it can help you let grow of self harming and be gentler to yourself.

This stone is especially good for anyone with emotional traumas like losing a loved one, childhood issues, a divorce or breakup, or physical and emotional abuse.

It fluoresces under black light too, which is super cool!

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