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    This is what the Aurthor and Artist Brittani Zahourek had to say about creating this amazing deck!
    "42 Inspiring cards that helped me heal and cope during difficult times and they help keep me in a positive mindset regularly.
    I originally made these cards for myself as a part of my healing process. I found art that fit my mood that day (good or bad) and grabbed some paper and sketched out my version of it. I paired my art with quotes I had saved as I saw them during a hard day that really spoke to my soul and helped me realize, I was healing not broken. These cards helped me so much, my hope is that they find who they were meant to find and can help at least one person see that they are not alone and to help them remember its okay to hurt, let these cards help you grow through it. I draw one card each day and set it where I will see it. I've handed these cards out to friends and family & have left them in random places for a stranger to see when they need inspiration most. I hope these cards find you well and make you or your friends day a little brighter."