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Blue Balls
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Blue Balls are used to aid in gambling and for purification.You can take one Blue Ball and add it to your mop water, It will help cleanse the house and purify it.1 oz.

Coffin Nails
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Item #: ASE-COFF -

Used for protection

Devil’s Shoestring
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Used for protection, to "trip up the Devil" or "hobble" him so he can't get in a house. They are also carried for gambling luck and for job-getting. Some folks drive them into the ground around the front door or place above the door.1/2OZ per order

Florida Water Florida Water
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There are many uses for this wonderful water, here are just a few: Bathe your crystals and jewelry in diluted Florida Water to cleanse them. Add a few drops to a bath for purification and protection Wash your kitchen floors with Florida Water to cleanse negative energy and to ensure your cabinets will always have food Wear a few drops as a cologne to keep negativity away from you Soak a cowry shell in Florida Water and carry in your purse, pocket or backpack to bring money your way Dab a...

Lucky Hand Root
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A single Lucky Hand root -- the 1" long hand-shaped root of several species of orchids -- is among the most powerful ingredients that can be added to an African-American mojo bag designed to increase gambling luck. It gets its name because it resembles a small hand (with anywhere from three to ten fingers).

Rose of Jericho
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Peace, power, abundance. Called the resurrection plant because when placed in a bowl of water, what appears to be a dead, lifeless, dried plant comes back to life within hours. Rose of Jericho in the home erases bad influences and brings peace, power and abundance.

Spiritual Herb Mini Kit- 10 Ritual Herbs with Crystal Spoon by Holy Santo
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This Kit Contains 10 Popular Herbs- Replenish Your Herb Collection!Alfalfa,  Mugwort, Red Rose Petals, Eucalyptus Leaf, Yarrow, Lavender Flowers,Blessed Thistle, Coltsfoot, Nettle Leaf, Sage, Crystal Spoon and a mystery Crystal. Each herb package is 0.35 OZ (10g)Each kit comes in a waste free 100% compostable mailer.   Our Organic ritual herb kit is the perfect way to support you in enhancing the power of your spells. Indulging in a herbal bath soak, creating your own...

Tonka Beans
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Carry for good luck!This herb is sold by the 1/2oz