Angel Blessings Power Wand by Abby Willowroot ~ Real Magic Wands

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    7 1/4 inches

    A lovely Angel Wand, perfect for blessings and wishes. A glistening multi faceted Austrian crystal tops this Wand which is ideal for all who have an interest in the angelic realm. Angelic Blessings and Positive Energy are the properties of the Angel Blessings Power Wand.

    The angel is shown in profile in this picture, on the Wand she is a fully sculpted angel with halo and wings. Crafted in fine lead-free pewter measuring approximately 7 1/4 inches.

    Original design by Abby Willowroot copyright 2000.

    From Abby:
    It is said that angels are “Light Workers” and that they represent the essence of God’s Energy. On a mission to share God's presence, Angels are beyond religious distinctions, are supportive of ALL religious views and cannot be controlled or used to cause harm. Angels constantly watch for opportunities to bestow unique blessings of love, wisdom, and healing.