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White Light Pentacles Sacred Spirit Incense

Handmade! Very "witchy and magical!"


Each package contains 10 wands per package, and are made up of only the finest ingredients

Free US Continental Shipping on Orders over $70!

Sacred Spirit Incense is authentically created in the ancient tradition, formulated with the finest herbs, spices, and resins harvested available

This Award winning incense is among the best in the world.
 What makes this Incense special is a unique blend of costly Resins, such as Copal and Frankincense, finest quality Essential Oils, and beautiful colors. All scents have a pure, clean, natural fragrance.
Unlike most commercial brands, this incense has a shelf life of over twenty years. Each Small Wand Incense burns just over one hour.


Sacred Spirit Wand Incense -Bayberry
Releasing the energy and fragrance during the Yule season is said to bring wealth and luck in the new year

Not Available



Sacred Spirit Wand Incense -Blue Roses
Specially formulated to honor the Goddess in all her aspects, and to attract true love.  $5.99

Available in Bulk!

Number of Sticks


Sacred Spirit Wand Incense -Cinnamon

An incense for success, healing, and money drawing. $5.99



Sacred Spirit Wand Incense -Frangiapani

Burn to brighten your home and fill it with love and friendship.$5.99



Sacred Spirit Wand Incense-Frankincense

Draw upon the energy of the Sun to create sacred space, consecrate objects, improve vibrations, and remove unwanted influences.$5.99



Sacred Spirit Wand Incense -Honeysuckle
Burn for good health, prosperity, good fortune, and psychic power.


Sacred Spirit Wand Incense -Lotus
For inner peace and outer harmony, to aid meditation, and to open the mind's eye, a sacred offering to the Gods. 


Sacred Spirit Wand Incense -Myrrh
For protection, healing, spirituality, and purification.


Sacred Spirit Wand Incense -Musk
For courage and vitality, can also be used to excite passionate love, promote sexual attraction, and intense desire.


Sacred Spirit Wand Incense -Passionflower
For peace of mind and relaxation, to aid sleep, soothe trouble and problems, and bring calm to your home.


Sacred Spirit Wand Incense -Patchouli
An earthy scent used in money and prosperity spells, also used for attraction and fertility. Also available in cones



Sacred Spirit Wand Incense -Pine
Burn for strength and vitality, to reverse and return negative energy, to keep illness far away.


Sacred Spirit Wand Incense -Rose
For love and or to enhance any love magicks, to reduce personal stress and restore calm to you home.  

Not Available



Sacred Spirit Wand Incense -Sandalwood
An all-purpose scent, often used for protection and healing, and for the granting of wishes.



Sacred Spirit Wand Incense -Spice

A fiery multi-purpose formula that can be catalyzed for success, luck, love, protection, and healing. $5.99

Not Available



Sacred Spirit Wand Incense -Spirit

Raise your personal energy level, honor your innate divinity, and attract spirit guides. $5.99

Number of Sticks


Sacred Spirit Wand Incense -Temple
Burn as an offering upon your altar in conjunction with magick, prayer, or any devotional work. 




Sacred Spirit Wand Incense -Vanilla

This scent is reputed to stimulate amorous appetites, restore lost energy, and jog your memory.  $5.99



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