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Devonshire Incense

Maker of Sacred Spirit Incense

Handmade! Very "witchy and magical!"

Each package contains 10 wands per package, and are made up of only the finest ingredients

Free US Continental Shipping on Orders over $70!

Yes! This is it! This is that incense you LOVE, the special stuff that you've been having trouble finding. After three major fires in 11 years (crazy story) They are back and making incense that is Better Than Ever!

This incense is made using the very finest oils and herbs!


Award winning Devonshire Incense is among the best in the world.
 What makes this Incense special is a unique blend of costly Resins, such as Copal and Frankincense, finest quality Essential Oils, and beautiful colors. All Devonshire Incenses have a pure, clean, natural fragrance.
Unlike most commercial brands, Devonshire Incense has a shelf life of over twenty years. Each Small Wand Incense burns just over one hour. Giant Wands burn almost five hours. Devonshire is a family-run business, and has been hand-made in Texas since 1967.

Please allow two weeks for shipping


Amber Incense
Our newest wand fragrance!



Bayberry is said to bring wealth and luck in the new year



Blue Roses
A blend of Frankincense, Rose, and Rosemary, this Church incense was burned as an offering to the Virgin  

Available in Bulk!

Number of Sticks



An incense for success, healing, and money drawing. $5.99



Dragons Blood Incense
A spicy resin incense burned to attract money and good fortune.


Symbolic of the moon, this incense has the sweet sultry fragrance of real Jasmine


Lavender Incense
Our newest fragrance! Relax and unwind with this beautiful essential oil fragrance 20 wand pack



Our incense is infused with real Frankincense Resin $5.99

Gypsy Moon Incense
A sensual blend of Patchouli, Rose, and Cinnamon


Our myrrh incense is infused with real myrrh resin  $5.99


The finest quality patchouli oil gives this incense an earthy, sensual, and deeply relaxing aroma  $5.99



A vibrant blend of Pinion and Texas Loblolly Pine resins $5.99


A rich blend of Temple, plumeria, and jasmine


The classic fragrance of real rose petals  $5.99



An all-purpose scent, often used for protection and healing, and for the granting of wishes.




A fiery multi-purpose formula that can be catalyzed for success, luck, love, protection, and healing. $5.99




Originally called the Spirit of the Age of Aquarius, this is a unique blend of rose, rosemary, lemongrass, vanilla, and carnation

Number of Sticks


An authentic Egyptian recipe in honor of the goddess Isis.





The scent of real Tahitian bean gently roasted with just a hint of cinnamon   $5.99



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