In Store Readers, Energy Workers and Events

Saturday, April 1st—Frederick—Readings


Sunday, April 2nd—Melody—Readings Noon—5:00

Tuesdays, April 4th & 18th—Intro to Qi Gong Class with Paige. 5:00—6:00 $10 per class.

Wednesday, April 5th—PaPa Newt—Bone Readings


Thursday, April 6th—Paula Cellar—Clairvoyant

Readings 3:00—7:00

Angel & Spirit Guide readings available per request.

Thursdays, April 6th, 13th, 20th & 27th

Beginner’s Belly Dance Class with Magdalena 6:30—7:30

Intermediate Class 7:30—8:30 $15 per class.

Friday, April 7th—Maria—Readings 3:00—7:00

Saturday, April 8th—Dreanna—Readings Noon—5:00

Saturday, April 8th—Aura Photography with

Mystic Colors Noon—4:30 $25

Sunday, April 9th—Mary Davis—Readings


Sundays, April 9th & 30th—Spiral Scouts 2:00—4:00

Monday, April 10th—Rev Kev—Readings


Monday, April 10th—Meditation with Roar of Rapture (OTO) 7:00—9:00 PUBLIC WELCOME


Tuesday, April 11th—Learning to Work With Traditional Folk Saints Class with PaPa Newt. 7:00—9:00 $25

Wednesday, April 12th—Hannah Kroger Technique Reiki with Saundra Swan 3:00—7:00 $1 per minute

(10 minute minimum)

Thursday, April 13th—Brenda Peters—Readings


Friday, April 14th—Frederick—Readings 3:00—7:00

Friday, April 14th—Psychic Development Class with

Paula Cellar The topic is abundance. 7:00—9:00 $20

Pre-registration strongly encouraged.

Saturday, April 15th—Valerie—Readings Noon—5:00

Saturday, April 15th

Book-signing and discussion with

Lincoln, Nebraska author

Sarah Buhrman, author of

Too Wyrd: the Runespell Series Noon—4:00

Saturday, April 15th

Nordic Mythology Class with

Sarah Buhrman. 4:00—5:00 $10

Saturday, April 15th—Bind Rune Class with well-known author Kaedrich Olsen. 6:00—7:00 $25

Tuesday, April 18th—Intuitive Numerology Readings with Dana Camp. 3:00—7:00

Wednesday, April 19th—PaPa Newt—Bone Readings


Wednesday, April 19th— Rediscovering Your Courage Class with Diane Silva 7:00—9:00 $20 Pre-registration


Thursday, April 20th—Alex Fernandez—Readings


Friday, April 21st—Dreanna—Readings 3:00—7:00

Friday, Saturday & Sunday, April 21st, 22nd & 23rd—Robert Baca

Voices from Heaven

Spirit Communications.

Private & group sessions. Call or visit the store for more


Sunday, April 23rd—Dreanna—Readings Noon—5:00

Sunday, April 23rd—Aura Photography with

Mystic Colors 12:30—4:30 $25

Monday, April 24th—Rev Kev—Readings


Tuesday, April 25th—Empowerment for Your Spells Class

with PaPa Newt. 7:00—9:00 $25

Wednesday, April 26th—Paula Cellar—Clairvoyant

Readings 3:00—7:00

Angel & Spirit Guide readings available per request.

Thursday, April 27th—Kristi—Readings—3:00—7:00

Friday, April 28th—Amythyst—Readings 3:00—7:00

Friday, April 28th—Uncrossing, Reversing & Eliminating Negative Energy Class with PaPa Newt. 7:00—9:00 $25

Saturday, April 29th—Trishna—Readings

Noon—5:00 $25

Saturday, April 29th— Techniques of the Witch Class with Morganna—2:00—4:00

Sunday, April 30th—Ann Marie—Readings