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Witch Oils by Daughters Of Isis

Every oil is magickally prepared and blended with specific energetic purposes in mind. Made with the finest ingredients to produce the most powerful effects. You can feel the energy in these essences and we just adore them. They are some of the finest magickal oils we have found. Try them for yourself!  1 dram $11.99

Due to the handcrafted nature of the oils, please allow up to 2 weeks for shipping

Balm of Gilead Oil
(Commiphora opobalsamum)


The balsam is a feminine plant under the guardianship of persuasive Venus
and expansive Jupiter, influenced by the element of Water.  In ritual it can
heal your broken heart, attract love to you, purify your intentions or protect
in awakening your awareness.  Balm of Gilead works as an excellent
all-purpose anointing agent in casting with your candles.  Cleanse the
candle first, a bit of sea salt will do, empowering with your White Light

 Native American Medicine has used this small bud and the whole plant as
a vital life force manifester for thousands of years.  Chewing a 'Bam bud' was a Tradition prior to sitting down in Counsel or parlay.  What wisdom do they know?

 The quality of Venus in the Bam Bud awakens your social graces!  How it's
potency manifests when it's singled out to empower the voice of your
eloquence!  A goodish tool in reading other within a dense social
environment.  Use Balm of Gilead Oil when publicly speaking, teaching or
presenting in a social situation.  Enchant your audience!  The graciousness of Balm will assure you!



Deadly Nightshade Oil
(Atropa belladonna)


Deadly Nightshade takes you into the darkness of the Underworld to
rediscover the GrandMother and GrandFather Ancestors who wait there to
teach and guide us.  Belladonna has the mercurial ability to activate astral
journeys, scrying (remote viewing techniques) and clairvoyance... instilling a skill for the visionary arts.

Belladonna is one of the most traditional Witch's herbs' under the feminine
guradianship of Saturn and influenced by the element of Water.  Nightshade's are a preferred consecration herb for Divination tools; gifting a great bonding, a steadfast charge and awakening empowerment Use it on your blades or energy directors!

With it's resolute Netherworld connections, Deadly Nightshade Oil will assist you through the veils on Samhain into communion with your Ancestors.  

Belladonna is the most potent visionary oil in your cupboard.



Dittany of Crete Oil
(Dictamus origanoides)


Dittany is a feminine herb under the guardianship of Venus, influenced by the element of Water.  Here is the sure activation of your Third Eye with skill and accuracy!  We've included some smoke in the blending of this oil to infuse the olde ways securely within.  Its Traditional use is in its ability to help manifest our psychic vision.  Often associate to the Sphinx in ability to 'cross' in between worlds, Dittany is the teacher or guide's good tool of new awareness, connective enLightenment and understanding.

 Use Dittany Oil to clarify your psychic ability and to assist you as a beginner with any divination techniques.  Here's an excellent oil for the instructor to use when teaching the symbolic synthesis of the Tarot.  A good choice for all beginners and adepts alike. $11.99


The Dragon's Blood Oil
(Calamus draco)


The Dragon's Blood has been used since it's import to Europe by the
church in the Dark Ages to exorcise evil.  It works!!!  This tree blood
will vanquish negativity and leave a positive vibration in any
environment.  Calmus draco is a feminine plant under the
guradianship of Pluto influenced by each element.
A most potent sensual aid, it guides you towards Light and wisdom.  
Truth, prevails with it's use.  Included in any recipe, Dragon's Blood
can enhance and triple the potency of the brew.  Dragon's Blood is
used in many spells, though on it's own it will serve you with a
manifest self empowerment.

It has a reputation for atttracting Nature Spirits, especially those
abiding within the sea!  Use it as a meditation aid when you journey
into the sea.  Visual aids and tools assist you in this kind of  
meditation, perhaps shells, small bits of driftwood, a shell or dish of
sand from your favorite beach... Dragon's Blood resonates strongly
with both the feminine and masculine energies of the sea.

Whenever there is a need for a sure cleansing agent for your
environment, an item or even your own mental cleansing, Dragon's
Blood will banish all negativity!  Use this oil to exorcise negativity
and cleanse the way in preparing sacred space.
Dragon's Blood contains curios activating properites when invoked
in consecation of your Book.  The church traditionally used it for this
purpose and it works here again!  Always keeping your work in the
Light, use the oils to imbue your energy into your written work.  The
Dragon's Blood INK has been created to adapt this energy!

Dragon's Blood offers the practitioner assurity for whatever is needed,
whenever it's needed.  You can always relyon it for cleansing and
completions as a standard in your cubbard!


Elder Oil
(Sambucus canadensis)


The Elder is a feminine tree under the guardianship of Venus influenced by the element of Water.  Elder spins enchantments to dispel depression, a joyful sideline!  Elder is long a blessing herb for your Home or a new baby.  Elder will protect your pets, too!  Apply some Elder Oil to their beds or space to invite harmony and good vibrations. We have infused this Elder Oil to aid you with your desires to connect to the realm of Fey.  Nature Spirits and deva's are called naturally to Elder... use this oil to assist you in your efforts to connect with the consciousness within Nature.  It's a useful helper in working with the subtlty of flower essence alternative healing tools.  Elder's natural alignment to Nature Spirits and devas will help guide you with clear insights into understanding and applying flower essence products.

Always use precisely clear intentions with Elder, for it's a potent charging oil.  Intensify your enchantments!  Elder is used to induce enchantments, promote healing and prosperity or exorcise depression.  Remember to anoint yourself at Spring Equinox with Elder to call Nature home to you!



Galangal Oil
(Alpina galangal)


"Low John" is a masculine root under the guardianship of the Sun and
Mars influenced by the element of Fire.  This root is a lusty attraction and
compliment included in enchantment or love philtre's and spells...
Equally it will attract money into your pocket!  Combined with Dragon's
Blood, you have a powerful amplifier ingredient for just about any use!

When you're going out for an evening of gaming, or off to purchase your
lotto ticket... Anoint your money with Galangal Oil to assist your winning
energies.  Create a gaming or luck mojo!  A few well chosen coins, green
cloth to wrap them in...enchant them in....anoint with Galangal Oil and
any other choice such as High John, Devil's Shoestring... and drop the
token into your purse or pocket!

When you're interested in attracting someone special; the noticeable
orange or red candle spell with Galangal dressing assists your carnal
desires to find their intended!  (Can't guarantee it will be reciprocal!)  
Galangal is a vigorous promoter!  Remember to always work with good

Many ceremonial magicians use this oil for the alter... while it serves
nicely; attraction, money, protection and the ability to perceive when
others have directed negative energy in your direction remain it's best
properties.  It's a fine oil for consecration of your pentacles or to initiate
ceremony. $11.99


Hawthorn Oil
(Crataegus oxacantha)


The Hawthorn is a masculine tree under the guardianship of Mars influenced by the element of Air.  Under the canopy of Hawthorn an expansive comprehension shifts us with a new grasp of our inner truths or in understanding of the order of nature.  It lends us a wisdom into many new insights.  The properties of Hawthorn include Light heartedness, upliftment and release from fear!  The scent and resonance of Hawthorn is closely associated with the manifestation of the Fay or deva's.  Whenever you're out exploring Nature, use Hawthorn Oil to gift and attract the Fay; perhaps you'll find your ring or doorway of entry!

This oil performs well for fertility spells and house blessings; its thought to inspire fortunate occurrences.  Hawthorn is a curious bedfellow to fidelity... used by the traveling spouse to instill the vital memory of love.
Hawthorn is a Ghostbuster's efficient tool!  The Thorn will banish unwanted or unfriendly ghosts (lost ones clinging to the physical dimension) by charging the environment with positive lifeforce attractant.

For the ancient Irish, Hawthorn was an effective fish hook, its thorn providing the with a magnificent catch and thereby creating the legend among fisher folk in the power of a pocket full of Hawthorn for assurance of a good catch.  If you're in need of a magical 'hook'... use Hawthorn!
Whenever stormy weather threatens, remember the olde property of weather protection in Hawthorn.  Lest we should forget it's high value in the olde religion, this is a preserver of the 'Wood' by Oak, Ash and Thorn!  When Lamas arrives so unexpectedly, Hawthorn imbues the perfect quality to celebrate with. $11.99


Henbane Oil
(Hyosycamus Niger)


Romantic Black Nightshade!  Delicious Devil's Eye!  Gentleman have been known to go skyclad a gathering Henbane just to secret it within his shirt to draw his true love to him! How utterly charming! You have to pause for that...

Black Nightshade is a feminine plant under the guardianship of Lady Saturn influenced by the element of Water.  Plunge into your Shadow Self!  This shamanic oil will assist you to explore your darker nature and work to resolve your issues of fear.   Use this vibrational blending to enter serious journeywork and protect your sacred space during the exercise.

Courage and vision are initiated using Henbane Oil, enabling you further into the Astral plane.  One of the notable assets' of this journeying technique is in passing through the veils of glamour used to hide all manner of personal deceptive subterfuge; the shifing eye, pursing
lips, play of the hands... a new adeptness for deciphering body language unfolds.  Henbane Oil will tweak you to these little triggers of your psychic gifts.

Another diligent property of Black Nightshade is in it's ability to help you find your way back through the many veils of time into past lives.  This is an excellent regression scent to work
with.  Using meditative techniques and creating a reflective environment you can put Henbane Oil in a vapor lamp or apply directly to your Third Eye for effective introduction into your past.
 Henbane will assist you inspiring key visualizations, help to awaken the inner Weaver surveying your web and keeping your symbolic memeories to trigger your regressive flow. $11.99


High John the Conqueror Oil
(Ipomoca Jalapa)


High John the Conqueror root is a very yang / masculine root
under the guardianship of Mars influenced by the element of
Fire.  A High John  root impresses you with a large humming in
the palm of your hand!  It's common properties include success,
love, happiness... by far this root can be utilized best to empower
yourself!  When you are looking for confidence and self assurity,
use High John!

 Use your High John Oil to give your success candle spell an
added boost or charge your healing candle to work quickly.  
High John is an excellent vision oil when contemplating how to
achieve your goals or to inspire you in what actions to take in the

 When you feel or intuit the malefic or nasty thoughts of other
directed at you, a form of psychic attack, High John Oil will
assist you in repelling this energetic intrusion by initiating your
strong sense of self awareness and esteem.  High John's long
reputation is for this feat.  Using a black candle dressed with
High John can dissipate negative or nasty focus directed at you!  
This is one of those all purpose oils readily able to empower,
repel negativity, attract, assist your imagination and open your
awareness to fortunate timing in your life!  Use it up! $11.99


Lily of the Valley Oil
(Convallaria magalis)


Lily of the Valley (Jacob's Ladder) is a masculine plant under the
guardianship of Mercury influenced by the element of Air.  Here is
Divine androgyny and mercurial agility!  It's a useful, enabling tool of
fragrance giving you perception in situations from a counter balancing
yin to yang presence of mind; Lily of the Valley bring this special clarity!
 Often used as a study aid; the sensual initiation through Jacob's Ladder
allows you to rise above and find the overview of all things.  When you
are confused or frustrated over a problem or situation , use Lily of the
Valley to discern well balanced answers!
This oil will help calm and soothe, an excellent beginning to your
meditation exercises.  Lily's most vital properties include communication
and mental clarity.  Faced with the need to perform with clarity,
knowledge and focus, Lily is a wonderful choice.  It awakens your
power of speech with a strong presence of mind to bring
comprehensibility and a forthright delivery of your thoughts.  Choose
Lily of the Valley, perhaps complimented with Balm of Gilead to
accomplish your goals in persuasion.  

Lily of the Valley promotes a comfortable presence within you enabling
you to reach out to the Nature Spirit surrounding you, too!


Liquid Amber Oil
(Liquidamber / Styrax)


Amber is a feminine plant under the guardianship of Lady Saturn
influenced by the element of Earth.  The scent of LiquidAmber
announces you!  The aspect of your presence can't be avoided using it.  
While Liquid Amber defines you and attracts others towards you; the
scent is famous for the protective nature the petrified sap (used as a
stone or piece of jewelry) engenders.   Amber has always been worn to
promote protective energies and to announce the presence of someone
'who knows' just who and what she/he is.  This is the quintessential
Witch's scent~!

Working with LiquidAmber in casting enchantments of to attract
specific energies is ages old.  Use it to annoint charms, to dress candles
and of course, to wear.  Most often used with gray or black candles to
serve as protective of or in clamly dissipating negative energies
troubling your environment, LiquidAmber adds the quality of strength
and resolve as the flame grows.  Observe it!

Whenever your resolve wanes, use LiquidAmber to reaffirm and project
your personal power.  Equally, whenever you're in need of a quick attractor...try the sweetness of LiquidAmber!



Lucky Hand Oil
(Orchis salap root)


This root is feminine under the guardianship of exotic Venus, influenced by the element of Water.  Orchid root's common properties include employment, luck, travel and attraction.  
 The orchid flower endow's its' root with the exotic properties of enchantments.  Use Lucky Hand Oil in charms, sachets, totems and talismans' to imbue it properties.  Lucky Hand is a good choice for 7 day candle dressings relating to gaming  and to manifest your plans for travel.  When you're going out  for an afternoon or evening of gambling or off to purchase your lottery ticket... rub a bit of Lucky Hand into your recieving palm to draw what you wish to come into it.  Remember to use your imagination when desirous of drawing anything into your hand.
 The orchid's root is a legendary food for the Satyr, a lusty companion to the nymph!  Here's the property of lust and passion associated with Lucky Hand.  It's use as an aphrodisiac and in exotic love making are invoked to bring pleasure and delight to the pursuit of love.  Or perhaps you're thinking of just a simple evening's adventure?  Lucky Hand Oil can be used to help you draw the persuasive energies of longing, desire and bewitching moments into your adventures!  Are you looking for a new way to re-ignite fun and romance in your intimate relationship?  Try a pink candle with Lucky Hand!  

Are your trying very hard to gain that certain someone's attention?  Place a charming encounter within a pink, baby blue or orange candle dressed with Lucky Hand!  Remember to always work in the highest good!
 All of these properties are enhanced by the root's graciousness.  We recommend Lucky Hand for employment, travel, gambling, Spring's endowment of new life and lively adventures! $11.99


Money Oil!
Is this what you're looking for????

 Money!  When this blending is rendered, gold and silver coins rain into it between worlds to help you manifest your good fortune, with the proper application.  Anoint your wallet!  Your bankbook!  Your stock reports!  Your tools of daily Craft.  Each time you apply Money Oil remember to cast your intentions in visualizations of the many ways your purse is filled; the money you happily part with returns threefold!  Cultivate your attitude for abundance.  You can do!  There are no boundaries, no limitations and no fears to cloud your fortunate enterprising!

 The green, orange and red candles work very well in money candle spells.  Dress with a goodish amount of your oil.  When you do a focused ritual towards manifesting, a small gold or silver candle for your focus adds assured resonance.  Create a sachet to keep in your tools, your briefcase, or your knapsack ...potentize your energies with scentual reminders!  There are many ways to direct your energies in manifesting money...your oil will serve you in a reciprocal effect
with consistent reminders as you apply a sachet and candle to assist your work.

Manifest your dreams!



Mandrake Oil
(Mandragora officinale)

Mandragora is an ancient root of use under Mercurial - Plutonian guardianship.  The
element of Fire is invoked by it naturally.  European Mandrake roots hold steadfast to the ground that sustains them.  Approaching them is an art of persuasion and harvesting the vital graciousness held in the Mandrake and requires a quality of self honesty.  The name of Mandrake comes from ancient Summer and Egypt where is was called NAM - TAR, meaning 'plague of god'.  When Mandrake is employed, the individual ceases to blindly listen to the cleric or priest and looks within for deeper truths!  Through European antiquity it was used as a magical poppet in love enchantments; it appears as entwined human bodies.  The Mandrake will accept a charge of passion into itself, ah! often to teach the lessons of misspent passions by the practitioner.  Mandragora is the essential Earthen deva's wisdom!  The same heat of passion transforms to the heat of healing the body Mandrake reflects.  Mandrake is a powerful healing medicine able to flush all manner of toxins from the body.  It can initate an euphoric sense of ease when applied by the adept.

 With the help of Mandrake, we face our true self to hear our inner truths.  Mandrake will help you focus to subtly hear your guides and spiritual guradians; clairaudiance.  The more you practice listening with the guidance of Mandrake, the more adept you can become at discerning it without the fliters of personality that tend to glamour it.  Mandrake can help you to hear the guidance of the Oldest of the Old, Hecate.  Under her influence we grow wiser and more forgiving of those who suffer intolerance and ignorance. $11.99


Mugwort Oil
(Artemisia vlugaris-american)


Mugwort is the hand of Artemis reaching out to bring
comfort and clarity.  Mugwort acts sensually to simply let
you feel better.  The Goddess within is awakened using
Mugwort.  It stimulates the energy of the Huntress
bringing a brand new insight and emotional clarity, when
used for this purpose.  Mugwort is under the care - full
influence of guradianship of sweet Venus and dreaming
Neptune, influenced with a loving stability by our Earth
Mother.  The Goddess resonates strongly in Mugwort!

 Artemis lends her purifying and healing energies to
Mugwort for celebratory or ritual purposes.  Burned in
ready need to cleanse, the oil will give quick comfort and
renewal if used to restore in the midst of stressful
situations.  When we are lonely, feeling forgotten or in
need of a general sincere upliftment and nurture, Mugwort
will surly come to our rescue.  Always keep it handy!



Rue Oil
(Ruta gravelolens)


Ah!  So you've some trouble following you around?  Reach for your Rue!  How does Rue break the hex so effectively?  When it's one will against another, you're experiencing the irresistible force meeting the immovable object!  But how to resolve it?
 Rue is all about personal power and integrity.  Rue will fortunately help call the ancient Web Weaver to our aid.  She illuminates the web as we've woven it; with her guidance we discern where and when the choices of our past have manifested what is our Now.  How does this help us to break a hex, avert nastiness towards our person and resolve the malevolence aimed at us?  The Weaver shows us that point of choice manifesting the dissonance we created with another, letting us amend our choices towards resolution.  Its always within us to accept or repel energy... with the help of Rue we find clarity for this purpose.  So when you're facing such a situation, calmly use Rue Oil to understand, transmute your intentions and release the negativity!

 Rue brings a special clarity and Ah ha!  A sturdy companion during troubled times, you can depend on Rue to help you re-establish your personal self awareness and commitments.  Rue engenders a rare sensual quality to accurately put us in touch with our personal ideals and values.

 Rue sensually awakens our primitive resources within, thus instilling a sense of deep resolve to face and achieve our purpose.  In this way, Rue is formidable as a tool of self empowerment and grasped quickly to ward off psychic attack.  The ability to reflect these energies, mirroring them back to their source is a fine description of "rue-ing".  Rue gifts choice:  reflection or transmutation?  
Make your choice; just don't 'rue' it!  $11.99


Wolfsbane Oil
(Aconitum napellus)


Aconite!  a pretty poison to initate your Shamainc Death!  The High Hat of the Lady falls under the guardianship of Lady Saturn, submerged deeply in the element of Water.  Monkshood is an anitquated signature of corruption and death to the uninitiated.  Used tirelessly by the aristocracy to eliminate troublesome adversaries, its poisonous properties were transformed into gracious life saving qualities through the Traditional Herbalist Witch in easing pain and regulating the heart.  This hypnotic cure would calm the insane and transform the violent.  Triggering such hypnotic stasis, the healer was enabled to quest into the depths of hidden emotions brewing insanity or destructive violence to initiate resolutions within the  afflicted.  Here lie the legends of werewolves and gypsy

The transcendence of psychic healing is a form of Wolfsbane initiatory experience.  It requires a strudy self awareness, fixed integrity and really... an outstanding courage to journey into your personalized tour of the Underworld.  Of free will we walk into our own darkness to face what we're utterly in terror of.  This is Wolfsbane's curse; to face the beast within us.  Its gifting is in the transcendence of
this fear in facing and embracing it.  Its our Shamanic Death.  Our initiation.

Life changing emotional transformation and growth results in considering, entering and facing our darkness within.  All healing and Spiritual expression Traditions train and guide us into this self initiated experience.   Its a greater evolution of our Soul.  Our Ancestors used Aconite to initiate this process and it took considerable courage  to consciously accept the challenge.  It still does.

Whenever doubt or uncertainty begins to erode your self confidence or self esteem, reach for Wolfsbane Oil.  It helps restore.  Wolfsbane Oil is a special blending of specific plants to assist you safely into your 'flying' techniques.  Wolfsbane is an initiation oil that can help restore your emotional balance.
Wolfsbane is another consecration oil for your atheme or boline, awakening them for your charge!



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