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Magical Jewelry

We have tons of beautiful jewelry to enchant you. Choose from one of our many collections ranging from spiritual symbols to one of a kind pieces that stir the soul!

Free ground shipping on US lower 48 states on orders over $70!

Stunning One of a Kind Pieces


Triquetras/Charmed Symbol


 Celtic Rings!


Celtic Strength Pendants


Pewter Tree of Life Pendants with Affirmation


Magical Jewelry by Lisa Parker


Viking, Norse and Asatru Jewelry

Two Sided Lockets by Deva Designs


Stunning Alchemy Gothic Jewelry


Thor's Hammer Pendants

Aromatherapy Diffuser Necklaces

Cool Celtic Slave Bracelets

Bindrune Magical Charms

Witchy Jewelry

Dryad  Pentacles


Lady and The Dragon Pendants

Cool Pocket Watch Necklaces

Astrology Pendants By Deva Designs


Briar Celtic Jewelry


Gemstone Wire Wrapped Pendants



Briar Children of The Night Vampire & Gothic Jewelry


Wind Chime Necklaces


Journey Bracelets Survival Bracelets

Stunning Handpainted Pendants on Onyx- Works of art to wear!

See Them Here


Stunning Botanical Jewelry by Michael Michaud

Galraedia Gothic Jewelry


Anne Stokes Carpe Noctum Pendants

Star Wisdom Astrological Pendants by Christopher Penczak


Nordic Lights Collection



Animal Totem Jewelry


Beautiful Chakra Jewelry


Mythical Jewelry by Artist Anne Stokes


Briar Dharma Charms


Gemstone Malas


Celtic Wisdom Pewter Pendants for Men

Celebrate Life Jewelry 


Healing Pet Jewelry 


Coexist Unity Pendant

Goddess Bracelets


Ancient Wisdom Bracelets - for Men

Beautiful Circlets




Elemental Necklaces

Enchanting Fairy Jewelry


Mythic Collection


Celtic Money Clips

Knights of the Templar Talisman Jewelry 


Goddess Jewelry


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