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Larkspur, Artemisia, Eucalyptus, & Galangal Root.

Wrapped in Corn Husk

Branches will vary.

These Uniquely Designed Wands Are Made With All Natural Plants & Herbs Wrapped In Corn Husk. A Design Feature Of the Wands Is The Branch Extension Which Allows You To Reach High & Low Spaces With Ease. Each Combination Includes Ingredients Geared To Specific Intentions. Historically, Almost Every Plant & Herb has a Magickal Purpose. Whether Seeking Love, Prosperity, Protection, Health…We Are Aiming To Have It Covered. 

The Products Are Sourced From Growers In California, Washington State, Ohio, & Pennsylvania. The Loose Herbs they Use Are Organic or Wild Harvested. The Rosemary Used Is Dried In-House. Please Note: Pesticide Is Used On The Yarrow Due To A Persistent Bug Issue.

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