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One Bracelet

These lovely stretchy bracelets will be your favorite new jewelry piece!

Rainbow Moonstone Helps you connect to your inner goddess, as well as balancing feminine and masculine energies within you. This stone resonates with your crown (7th) chakra, assisting in spiritual awareness.

Moonstone is also know to be protective of women and children.

It is a Great mood stabilizer, helps with PMS, fertility, and eases pregnancy.

Rainbow Moonstone promotes optimism, and can help depression and help you let go of past heartache and fears.

It helps us connect with the Goddess energy and connect to our feminine sides.

Blue Kyanite helps your third eye open and is great for developing intuition. It helps creativity and aids in completing artistic projects.

It will also open the throat chakra, creating better communication and self expression and allows you to speak your own truth.

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