With almost 20 years of experience and study of the Spiritual and Magic

Arts, Polaris Rising aims to provide the absolute best products and services to enhance the lives of our clients and help fix any condition that life throws their way.

Polaris Rising is based out of Omaha, Nebraska, USA. They specialize in creating the highest quality handmade spiritual products and supplies and Intuitive Readings.

Mercury Retrograde Reversal Kit
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Polaris Rising Mercury Retrograde Reversal Candle
Price: $4.99
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A new twist on the traditional "reversal" candle, these are used during the Mercury Retrograde period that occurs 3 times per year. When burned, they help to prevent, reduce, and reverse the effects of the Mercury Retrograde which can cause miscommunication, flaring tempers, problems with business and electronic devices, and just general chaos. Give them a try and get some peace of mind back during those hectic times!

Polaris Rising Mercury Retrograde Reversal Oil
Price: $8.99
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Relief from the chaos of the Mercury Retrograde---now in oil form!Used as anointing oil or added to a spray, this little gem will help deter and protect against the negative aspects that can occur during a Mercury Retrograde period. Is excellent to use in situations where you can't burn a Mercury Retrograde Reversal candle but need the relief (offices and workplaces come to mind...).Can be used alone or along with the Mercury Retrograde Reversal candles for an added boost! ...

Polaris Rising Queen Bee Deluxe Perfume Oil with Pheromones
Price: $12.99
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The ever-popular Queen Bee Oil now with pheromones! Use in situations where you need to shine, or wear as an everyday fragrance. Queen Bee Deluxe comes in a convenient 1/3 oz. larger roll-on style perfume bottle for easy application and a touch of Royalty on the go! A grapeseed oil base scented with honey top notes with hints of orange and floral undertones, along with added pheromones, this oil has a powerfully regal vibe to bring out your inner Queen Bee. *Sold as curio items. Spiritual...