Dryad Designs Seated Thor Statue by Paul Borda
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    Thor, a Norse God, created thunder by striking his great hammer, Mjölnir. He protected the house of the Gods and humankind. The scene on the back depicts a battle between Thor and the giant Hrungnir. Thor has struck the fatal blow by throwing his hammer, but a piece of Hrungnir's weapon, a whetstone, has lodged itself in Thor's forehead. Around the base are Thor's name in runes and scenes from Norse mythology.

    Size: 8"h x 3 1/2"w x 3 1/2"d

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    Newfoundland, Canada

    Thor Doesn’t Disappoint

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    I love this statue. He just seems so content and happy sitting with his goats. Thor is often depicted as serious and at battle but I love this image capturing him at a moment of peace and calm. The detail is amazing and I LOVE the weight and heftiness to it. It just seems so sturdy and solid as Thor should be. Can’t wait to display him. On a side note, Magical Omaha, bravo on your professionalism and making the customer feel appreciated. I hope to order from you again. Professional with a lovely personal touch.

    Norse God, Freyr statue by Dryad Designs

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    <p>I somehow managed to order a statue of Seated Thor by mistake; however, one quick telephone call to Magical Omaha and they amended my order and quickly shipped the statue of Lord Freyr instead. The statue is very nicely crafted and arrived with no issues (cracked or otherwise flawed in any way.) I would definitely do business with this company again. Thank you.</p>